Autumn.  The season between Summer and Winter.  When the days are hot and the nights and mornings are brisk and chilly.

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Smoke hangs in the air from campfires and from wood stoves and fireplaces.  Squirrels bustle about collecting the fallen walnuts and acorns, preparing for the long Winter months ahead.

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School commences once more, and children head back to their studies, learning lessons that will take them through their adult years to their destiny.

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Leaves change from green to brown, crimson red, brilliant yellow, and fiery orange.  They tremble in the crisp air and slowly, one by one, they fall to the ground where they produce a delightful crunch underfoot.

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Sleepy, early mornings are warmed by a cup of fragrant, hot coffee, the steam wafting up and away in lazy swirls.

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The darkness creeps in early on these Autumn evenings, bringing children back inside from their play, to find toys and games inside to occupy their active minds and bodies.

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Warm sweaters and jackets are pulled from closets, boots are dusted off and shined, hats and gloves find a place once more on shelves and coat racks.

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Soup bubbles happily on the stove and warm breads liven up the Autumn meals.  Family gathers around the supper table and enjoys a bit of a slower season.

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The earth rests.  Readies itself for the blanket of white that will soon cover it.  And it sleeps, waiting for the gentle awakening of the Springtime that will surely come again.

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Enjoy the Autumn!


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  1. Beautiful! My favorite time of the year. It amazes me that God saw fit to gift me a daughter in my favorite month! Blayton went outside to play yesterday in short sleeves and came back in asking where the gloves were. I suggested he put on a sweatshirt instead (with boys you have to hold off on glove-wearing until absolutely necessary or else when you really need the gloves they’re nowhere to be found). That seemed to do the trick but it amused me that he wanted gloves. He did put socks on too :)
    Mrs. K recently posted..Poor Grandma, Part 1My Profile

  2. Beautiful! As much as I hate to see summer end I love to see the leaves change colors. My youngest started high school this year and he is determined to wear shorts all year long. The weather has been good thus far. We’ll see how he does when we get that first blanket of snow. I’m ready for Autumn and all the beauty it brings.

  3. best season ever :)xo Kristin

  4. Perfect fall post, Jill! Love your styling, too!
    Pam @ Simple Details recently posted..fall bathroom and how the painted fixtures are holding up…My Profile

  5. Such a sweet post…fall is my favorite season. Love your beautiful photos!

    Jane recently posted..FALL DAYS!My Profile

  6. What beautiful pictures and snippets of fall. I adore how poetically you described returning to school and how it will eventually lead them to their destiny. How beautifully put.
    Amy of While Wearing Heels recently posted..Crafting With Kids – MasterpiecesMy Profile

  7. Beautiful photographs and amazing images created with words. Were it not for the fact that winter follows, Autumn would be my favorite time of year. Here’s to sweaters and cocoa and down blankets! Thanks for a beautiful few moments at the end of my hectic day! I hope that you’re well. xo, Kimberly

  8. I love autumn, even though I haven’t wanted summer to leave. Nor do I want winter to come.

    Beautiful photos and words! I love the “feel” of this post.

  9. JaneEllen says:

    So beautifully written Jill and your staging was so great. You did such a great job on this post. Did you know you are so poetic? Think many readers truly enjoyed this post, will stay with us.
    I think about how when I’d walk home from school the leaves would crackle and there’d be a certain smell after being stepped on. Always loved it. It amazes me the things we can remember, even more so since I’ve gotten older. Fall gets us back into the rhythm of life after a summer of being lackadaisical. Happy rest of week.

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