It takes a Village…

You’ve heard the saying it takes a village to raise a child.  I say it also takes a village to pull off a weekend set-up at the flea.  I’m so overwhelmed by all the willing help and support I had this past weekend I can’t even put it into words.

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rolls of vintage wallpaper – sold all 5 of them.

My Mom came on Wednesday like she usually does during the school year and helped the girls get their school work done.  She brought my favorite casserole.  She took my 2 youngest home with her to stay for a couple days.  It takes a village…

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My husband was the designated driver of the rented truck.  He was the main guy for loading the truck.  He took a day off work to help get me set up.   He drove that truck to the flea in the pouring rain.  He unloaded the truck in the chilly drizzle.  He gave great ideas on how to set up the space.  He returned the rental truck, kept things under control at home, went to work on Friday, kept the kids on Saturday.  He brought a truck and trailer over on Sunday and loaded everything up for the trip home.  He helped me unload when we got home and returned my Dad’s truck and trailer.  He supported me and encouraged me through every step of the process.  It takes a village…

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My teenage daughter, Emma.  She dug in and worked as hard as I did at getting that truck loaded on Wednesday night.  She hauled load after load of stuff to the back yard, handed things into the truck, arranged things when her Dad got tired of trying to fit it all in.  Earlier in the days before the flea when I was busy painting stuff she would say ‘That is so cool, Mom, if it doesn’t sell I’m going to be so mad because that is just so cool and someone should buy it.”  She went with us on Thursday and helped unload and set up.  She set the dining room table and arranged stuff in the cupboards, displaying things so it looked really great.  She went with me on Sunday morning since I was going to be there by myself for a few hours.  She helped pack up for the trip home.  It takes a village…

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My little girls did their school work every day in the midst of painting and sewing projects that covered every surface of our home till it was time to pack it up and get it to the flea.  They played outside a lot instead of inside where they would be in my way.  They willingly went to Grandma’s for a couple days while I was gone.  Larke went with me on Sunday.  It was fun to have her want to be there even if she really didn’t do much to help.  She’s getting a feel for what it’s like and hopefully will want to help more in a couple years.  It takes a village…

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My friends who cheered me on – you know who you are!  Some came over to see me and my set-up.  Some encouraged me with texts and phone calls.  You prayed for me.  I appreciate it more than I can ever express with written words.  It takes a village…

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My blog friends – you left encouraging comments or sent me emails.  One blog reader came through my booth and told me she enjoyed reading my blog.  Someone I didn’t know, someone who hasn’t commented.  It meant SO much to me that she came by to say ‘Hi’.  What a blessing!  It takes a village…

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Friends and contacts made last Spring at the flea who came back and talked, and shopped, and made plans for future biz opportunities.  My weekend was worth every minute just in the contacts made and future possibilities that may come from it.  It takes a village….

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My great ‘neighbors’ at the flea.  On either side of me were wonderful ladies who made the weekend even more fun.  It takes a village…

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My business partner, Marcy.  I couldn’t and wouldn’t do this set-up alone and it is so wonderful to have someone I can work so well with, be myself with, and who is creative and makes such cool stuff that goes so well with the things I do.  Thanks again Marcy, it was fun!

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God truly blessed me with a wonderful weekend – He left no detail unattended.  He provided this ‘village’ of friends and family who helped me get to the point I am at with my business.  Praise Him for all of it – every single bit.


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  1. You are blessed with truly awesome family and friends, Jill! I was thinking of you, I noticed on the national weather rain in your area! :( Hope you get to take a break for a few days!
    Pam @ Simple Details recently posted..a birthday giveaway…My Profile

  2. Susan Smith says:

    Praise God! So glad everything worked out for you.

  3. You have a village because you are a good person yourself Jill. If you weren’t you might not have quite as full a village. God bless you. I’m so glad you had the help and fun to add to your sale.
    I’ve seen how people help each other with what’s happened on front range in Denver area up and down. There were 17 counties affected, people died, lost their homes, vehicles. It’s awful to see the devastation but so heart warming to see how people help other people at risk of their own lives and property. Happy week Jill

  4. Cathy Johnson says:

    So glad your week-end turned out well! You have worked so hard and I would have so loved to have been able to stop by and see all your goodies. I just live too far away!!

  5. I’m so happy and excited for you! Praise God indeed!


  1. […] already talked about what a great weekend we had and how overwhelmed I am at the support and help I had from ‘the whole village‘ […]

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