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I mentioned a few posts ago about bloggers who forget they have a blog when things get busy.  And I totally became a blogger who forgot she had a blog this past weekend.  Well, technically I didn’t really forget, I just had to put the blog to the back of the back burner because I just couldn’t keep up with all the hats I’m supposed to wear :D

vintage marketplace flea market (7 of 28)

I’ve already talked about what a great weekend we had and how overwhelmed I am at the support and help I had from ‘the whole village‘ of friends and family I have.  I forgot to include a specific shout-out to my Dad for letting us use his pickup and trailer to get the leftovers home.  Thanks so much Dad, I love you lots and lots!

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I thought I’d share a few of the before and several of the after shots of our booth.  It’s amazing how it cleared out from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon.  I’ve been told that Sunday isn’t really a very good day, not worth being there.  That did not hold true for us.  I was hoping to move at least a couple more big pieces so I’d have less to haul home and I sold almost ALL of them.  The dining room table and chairs, 2 dressers and 2 side chairs all sold on Sunday.  My friend sold her last 2 big things too.  It was very worth our being there.


The slipcovered chair came home with me, along with the white captains chair.  The one cabinet that I didn’t get time to paint also came home.  Everything else was smaller stuff and handmade stuff that I will put on etsy and take to the two shops I’m putting things in.

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And after.  It got to the point that we could no longer make it look neat.  We kept up for awhile but once the table and dressers went it was pretty much come in and dig through the piles!

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See that pile of grain sacks?  Those I bought and they came home with me!  Complete story coming soon.

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Monday I cleaned up my house some.  The living room is back like it is supposed to be :)  YAY!  I bought a new rug and a new pillow at the flea.  And the lamp was one I had that didn’t sell so I added it to my living room.  I put Edison bulbs in the lamps I had for sale and I’m loving the warm, delightful glow of this lamp in the mornings and evenings.  Add a cup of hot coffee and I could sit for hours.  The pillow was made by Marcy, my business partner-in-creativity.  I loved it and after looking at it all weekend I had to bring it home with me.

vintage marketplace flea market (28 of 28)

I also brought home some fun dried stuff from a friends booth and created a fall arrangement.  And took pics of my new stuff with my iPhone.

We will now return to our regular blogging schedule and it will include photos taken with the real camera!  All these were from the iPhone :D


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  1. Sounds like a great weekend Jill. I should have asked you to sell a few of my things there. Perhaps I could volunteer to help staff the booth too. My basement and garage are getting a bit cluttered.

  2. Love the booth, so charming. xox
    Corrine recently posted..Morning WalkMy Profile

  3. Wow! So glad you did so well.
    Jane’s Adventures in Dinner recently posted..Indian Summer Dinner: Garlic Scape GnocchiMy Profile

  4. It was so much fun to see these shots of your booth! Looks like you had some good stuff to sell. Love the cute pillow you bought and used in your living room. Can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with those grain sacks you bought too. Glad that you had a successful show.

  5. Did you sell all the pouffes? I like them.

    I like the new look in your living room!

  6. JaneEllen says:

    Oh boy your booth photos are dangerous, I keep seeing things I’d love to have. Loved the chair with chair fabric on it.
    Noticed the vintage flowered tablecloth. I have several of those I bought from a gal online, have convinced myself the ones I bought with stains and holes I can cut up to use for parts on my table runners and pillow covers. They turn out really cute using them for ruffles on ends of table runners. I have one on our old waterfall chifarobe. Then I made pillows from part of it also. Our bedroom is old fashioned looking as our youngest daughter told me. I love it that way tho, so comfy and cozy even tho it’s a big room.
    I’m trying to get caught up on older emails is why this is late being commented on.
    Hoping you always have happy days ahead.

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