Milk Paint on an Antique Bed

The girls room is almost ready for a full reveal!  So exciting to finally have it almost finished and I’m thrilled to have the carpet gone!  The room seems bigger and more open just by switching out the carpet for hardwood.

painted bed-10

Since the room isn’t quite ready for its beauty shots I thought I’d at least show you the girls bed.  It’s an antique bed painted with Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint.

painted bed-4The bed is old – not sure just how old but it’s been around awhile!  It is walnut and would be lovely refinished natural but I wasn’t into spending the money to have it refinished and I prefer to paint if I do it myself.

painted bed-5-2The milk paint did it’s thing and chipped off in a wonderful display of authentic looking wear and tear.

painted bed-1-2

I love how the detail in the carvings pops now.  Before you really couldn’t see the detail that well.  Now the sweet scallops show up to perfection :)

painted bed-9-2

The bedding is a duvet cover I purchased at IKEA.  I have an idea I’d like to make for a cover for their bed but it won’t be a quick, whip-it-out-in-one-day kind of project.  So this will do for now.  I stuffed their quilt inside the cover for now – we’ll see how long it looks nice – it will probably soon be a huge messed up lump!

painted bed-3-2

The pillow was from IKEA too.  Larke picked the pillow.  Somehow we are going to make it all work!

painted bed-6-2

Becca bought this nightstand at my Grandma’s auction.  I’d like to paint it sometime but haven’t taken the time yet.  You can see the stenciled wall in this post.

painted bed-2-2

It’s always so interesting to see how the milk paint behaves.  You just never know where it will come off and how much.

painted bed-8

Larke added the teddy bear too.  My girls have an extreme love of stuffed animals.  I’ll have to include some shots of all their critters when I take pics of the whole room.

painted bed-7

Hopefully a full reveal is coming soon!

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  1. says

    Is it milk paint or chalk paint? there a difference? I’m thinking about doing a piece of furniture in this paint & not quite sure how to start. Did you use a stain over it? Did you put a coat of wax on it? I do love how the bed turned out!

    I recently bought a duvet & found duvet clips at Bed Bath & Beyond that helped to hold it in place! Google it as there are You Tube clips showing how to do it. As a side note…I was note thrilled with the “lumpiness” of it! 😉

    I enjoy your blog & love what you do with your home!

  2. says

    I love this! it turned out beautiful what a great antique piece! I am also a major fan of milk paint! it just adds that instant authentic quality.


  3. says

    I adore the polka-dot bedding! I think that is just so cute. I love the paint finish on the bed too. The dark duvet cover really stands out against the paint color of the bed. Her room is looking so cute. Can’t wait to see it all when it’s done!

    • says

      Thanks Kelly – I love the dots too. It looks even cuter in the room than I thought it would too. Will work just fine till I find time to make the one I have in my head!

  4. Elaine says

    From what I can see of the room, its looking great. The bed turned out beautiful with the milk paint and the bedding and wall treatment are a great contrast for a young person’s room. I just used milk paint on a table and not one crack or peel or chipping, guess I’ll have to get out the sandpaper. Thanks for sharing so much!

    • says

      Oh bummer if you wanted it to chip! Did you take a putty knife over it? I get paint to come off in places that it didn’t look like it would when I use a putty knife.

  5. says

    It looks so great! I love the bed!Paint does show off detail so well. I just saw a dresser this week that my friend painted red using chalk paint and it looks so awesome and has these cute curves and details that you notice so much more.

    I will admit to liking stuffed animals too. Especially a variety and unique ones, such as the lemurs or Teresa. And great names for the animals are always good too! :)

    Wow! What a different room it’s going to be! I bet you’ll kind of miss the carpet. *snicker*

    • says

      hahaheeheehoho! Haven’t missed that carpet yet and I don’t think I’ll wish it back! The kids love having their round rugs to sit on and move around to whatever spot they are building legos on! And the lego creations slide under the bed so easily!

  6. says

    I haven’t ever tried milk paint but I am a big fan of chalk paint. The glimpses you’ve shown look darling, what a great bed and I love that polka dot spread! Pinned! visiting from Blitzed,

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