Happy Weekend!

Are you ready for a weekend?  I find that I am.  It does seem as though this one came around rather quickly, it’s been a busy week.


A happy face made of leftovers we had for lunch one day.

My piano music for this week is HARD.  My fingers don’t want to hit the right keys in the right timing no matter how many lectures I give them.

Miss Emma got her ears pierced a week ago – she is doing great and they seem to be healing well.

Miss Larke got an expander set in her mouth yesterday.  She has a very tiny mouth – width is supposed to measure around 32 and she is at 27.  She is not overly impressed with the way the thing fills up her mouth but she is thankful it doesn’t hurt.  Now to remember to turn it every other day…


This is Caspian. Becca made him a ‘birthday cake’ out of bread and icing.

The monogram I have been stitching by hand is coming along nicely.  The finished project is scheduled to be up on my blog next Tuesday.  I better keep stitching :)

I didn’t get my sewing machines taken in for service like I planned this week.  Maybe next week.  Oh but it is hard to be without them – there is always something I need them for.  Emma keeps reminding me I can use hers (my old one)

We had to postpone out shopping trip for Emma’s birthday.  We were going to go last Friday on her birthday but my Mom wasn’t feeling well.  So we scheduled it for today.  Then the weather forecast didn’t look like traveling would be such a good idea.  So we are thinking tomorrow or Monday.


A Nano Legos snake made by Becca

I’d really like to spend tomorrow at home.  Coffee date on the couch with my hubby.  Finish the monogram if I don’t finish it today.  If I do finish it today I need to take some beauty shots of the pillows for the blog post.

There will always be something I want to do or need to do.  So I will roll with it and see what transpires.

What do you have planned for the weekend?

Sew a Fine Seam

ps – photos are some my ‘baby’ wanted me to take!


  1. Love those photos…mostly because your daughter wanted you to post them. :) Sounds like a nice, typical week. Isn’t life grand? Looking forward to seeing your monogram. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Debbie recently posted..How to Add a New Electrical OutletMy Profile

  2. Happy you indulged her and shared your week in photos! Keeping my fingers crossed on the monogram! Happy weekend sweet friend!

  3. Fun, fun photos! Little things make fun memories.

    I’m sorry for Miss Larke. That does not sound fun.

    Does Emma have Colts earrings yet? :)
    deborah recently posted..Crockpot Party MixMy Profile

    • She is doing well but doesn’t like to eat. Poor dear. I’m afraid she is going to get too skinny if she doesn’t learn to eat with it in! Colt earrings? Wait and see!!!

  4. Hoping the shopping trip works out soon. Fun to see the pics. Missing all of you since I didn’t get there this week.

  5. I love that your *baby* wants to have input with your blog :). What a big step for Emma. Are you ready to take the plunge as well and get your ears pierced?
    Amy of While Wearing Heels recently posted..This is Me – February Link PartyMy Profile

  6. I think you have had a busy, productive week. What fun or little Emma got her ears pierced. My one granddaughter wants to have hers pierced, too. So far, Daddy has said No. Hope you can get your machine to the shop soon- xo Diana
    Nana Diana recently posted..Father Daughter Dance Sweet Cheeks And CompanyMy Profile

    • Hey Gal!
      Cute plate you put together! Aren’t kids just so much fun? Of course, most of mine are grown and have their own families, but I have Maddy, and the 4 grandies now. Maddy has grown up so much, she isn’t as interested in what I do, and doesn’t really like to junk with me any more. Hmmph! That’s ok…I sure enjoyed all the years she did. She is such a wonderful young lady. I certainly can’t complain!

      Hugs to you!
      Sent you an email!
      Becky recently posted..Blissful Whites WednesdayMy Profile

    • :) Have a great weekend Diana!

  7. What a happy meal! Jill! And sooo much better than the ones that come in a box!! :)
    P.S. I love the plate it’s on. Do you love Longaberger too?
    P.P.S. I see you comment on Jennifer’s blog all the time and decided I had to stop by to get to know you.
    Hope our day is Extraordinary!
    Diane | An Extraordinary Day recently posted..Home Decor :: Earthy Spring VignetteMy Profile

    • Thank you Diane! I have quite a few of the plain ivory Longaberger pieces. I have a bunch of baskets but have gotten rid of a lot of what I used to have. Considering painting a few of the remaining ones to help them blend with my current decor. Is that terrible?!

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