Several months ago one of the Pastors at our church preached about Prayer.  It was a really awesome sermon and I pulled a page out of one of my daughter’s notebooks and took notes.  And promptly lost the page of notes after we got home.  The notes resurfaced recently and I decided to try to share some of my scribblings for this weeks Sunday post.  I don’t remember every word the Pastor spoke and it has been awhile so I’m just sharing my notes and some of my own thoughts.

Genesis 4:26  –  When Seth grew up he had a son and named him Enosh.  At that time people first began to worship the Lord by name.  How did they know to worship God?

I like this thought.  How DID they know to call on God?   To worship Him?  Was it the stories Adam and Eve told about how they walked and talked with God in the Garden before they sinned and were banned from it?  Did God gently call them like He does with us today?  Was it the inborn sense of a higher being?  Whatever the reason I am so thankful that Enosh worshiped the Lord and that there has always been a remnant of those who seek and worship Jesus Christ.

Asking:  James 4

You have not because you ask not.  And when you do ask it is with the wrong motive!  If God already knows all things what is the point of prayer?  Tell God how you feel even when you don’t feel like praying.  There may not even be anything wrong necessarily, you just aren’t in the mood.  Talk to God anyway!


What is prayer really about?  How could Jesus pray all night long?  Prayer is not just asking it is also listening.  Just being quiet before the Lord.  Listening for His still small voice.  Feeling His peace envelope you.


What is God’s object for prayer? – it is about a relationship!  Being a friend.  Jesus called us friends.  Friends if we do as He commands – and His command is to LOVE each other!!!

We enjoy listening and talking to each other – we feel trusted when our friends confide in us.  With our closest friends we don’t even have to talk all the time.  How much more should we enjoy a conversation with our Heavenly Father – or just sitting in silent communion with Him.   There is a blessing for us when we put our thoughts and desires into words.  It can lift us up.  It can deliver us from our spiritual enemy – Satan.

Prayer is also praise.  The Psalms are praises.  Acts 16:25 – Paul and Silas were praising.  Even though they had been beaten, thrown in jail, feet locked in stocks, they were praising God.  And not just in their minds and hearts but with their mouths – making noise – praying and singing songs.  Praise can be carried out while kneeling, standing, bowing, arms raised high, on your face – however the moment finds you – hearts open before the Lord.

Prayer is not about twisting the arm of God and trying to change His mind.  It is about getting our minds in sync with His.  Desiring what He wants for us, praising Him in all situations, and trusting Him to bless and keep us.  Prayer is not about conquering Gods reluctance but taking hold of His willingness, even when we have failed.

Prayer does not require pious phrases.  Just talk to Him!  Communicate!  Communication is key to any relationship.  Keep communicating with God no matter your circumstances, no matter how you feel you have failed.  No matter how small you think the matter is.  There is nothing too small for God to notice and no problem too big for Him to handle.  And there is no joy in your life too small for Him to rejoice with you over!  He loves to bless us and He wants to hear about our joys and trials.  Take His hand and talk His ear off!


  1. such a great post, Jill. We’ve all heard this but it’s so true, Prayer changes things. God desires relationship with each one of us, how wonderful that we can communicate with Him one on one!

  2. Great post Jill. I’m not very good at the listening part. So glad you brought that up. I’ve struggled with one point you mentioned…if God already knows everything, then what’s the point of praying? But I pray anyway, with imperfect words, and know that He is listening. Have a great Sunday.
    Debbie recently posted..Google Reader Next Button: Part 1My Profile

    • Thank you Debbie – I think we all struggle with that one at times! But I try to think about how I want my friends and husband and kids to talk to me even if I already know about a situation sometimes and liken it a little to that.

  3. Love your post. Yes, I think I’ve got my sermon notebook and then lose it so the sermons are out of order. Good post about prayer, thank you.

  4. Lee Ekland says:

    Wow Jill, I seriously thank you for this post! Listening prayer is the key to having peace in this crazy world!

    When I was a teenager I accepted Christ and shortly thereafter felt a strong impression to pray every morning before I did anything. I doubted whether I had the resolve to actually do this but the promptings continued until I came into agreement with them.

    That decision was the best choice I’ve ever made in my life!!! It has brought the extraordinry into the ordinary, peace into turmoil, revelation into a void, insight into His word and most important of all the joy of getting to know HIM better day by day.

    Listening Prayer…powerful beyond words.

    • Thank you Lee, for your encouraging comment! I can struggle with the listening part – I get so busy with life that I forget to take time to ‘be still’ and LISTEN!

      • Lee Ekland says:

        It may help to have a journal in front of you as you pray to record any verses or thoughts that come to mind. Nothing may come sometimes but that’s ok. just sitting quietly before Him is healing in itself.

        I actually document my prayer requests as well as whatever else the Holy Spirit brings to me. That way I can review and observe How God worked things out.

        Maybe doing this once a week is a good place to start :)
        You are WELL on your way.

  5. Dear Jill,
    Thanks so much for your visit. I’m delighted to find you and your beautiful blog. I wish I could sew. Nothing complicated….just pillows and basics. So many things I want to make. One day I’ll sign up for a class or two. Thank you, again :)
    Cheers from DC,

    • AWWWW, thanks so much Loi! So sweet of you to consider my blog beautiful when your is one of the best out there! Basic sewing is just so easy – wish I could give you a few lessons cause I’m sure you would take to it very quickly! God Bless!

  6. Regena Fickes says:

    This was a wonderful post! How marvelous that we have a Savior who wants to hear everything we have to say. Nothing is too small or unimportant to tell Him. My heart aches for those who do not know Him as Abba-Father. Your posts are always so inspiring. Thanking God for a sweet sister-in-Christ.

  7. This is very thought provoking. I find my most powerful moments of prayer are actually me listening. It’s quiet, meditative time where I’m not really asking for anything. I feel God’s presence with me especially when I on my walks.
    leslie harris recently posted..faux flowers …Yes or No?My Profile

    • I hear you Leslie! I love the times I can just be quiet and listen – seems like at this point in life they are scarce with kiddos around but I try to squeeze some in!

  8. I am so thankful for the different ways God has shown me over the last few years how important prayer is and how much He wants to communicate and have a relationship with us. I’m still far from the prayer warrior I want to be, but I am just so thankful for my Father who loves me and hears.
    deborah recently posted..Birthday Celebrations {Hello Monday}My Profile

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