Valentines Decor from 2011

How about a post from the archives?  This is my valentines decor from 2011.  I haven’t bothered to pull this stuff out this year.  Between sewing and being sick it just didn’t seem that important.  So here is the post from 2 years ago:

I’m not into all the fluffy hoopla surrounding hearts and cupids. But I do have a few small things(and yes they do include a couple cupid pics and hearts) that I add to whatever is left after I put the Christmas decor away. Just remember the emphasis is on SMALL.   Just a little is ALL it takes:) Go to this post at Just a Girl to see some great Valentine’s decor. She got it just right!!  And while you are there take some time to browse the rest of her blog.  It’s a keeper!!

And now – here’s mine!!

 My sheep stayed put after Christmas.  They rather enjoy residing in my china cupboard.  Puts them right out there in the spotlight!  The bottles are from a stash I gave my sister for Christmas 2009.  I had jokingly said a few times since that I should have kept some!  I kinda liked the stuff she used them for:)  So she gave some back this year for Christmas.  Thanks sis!  The hearts are some vintage picks I found at the Springfield flea in September.

 Pitcher that my sis gave me for Christmas.  Love it.  It’s white and it’s a pitcher.  Nuff said.

 Vintage inspired valentines card that I bought at McMaster and Storm back in the days of their brick and Mortar store.

 A few years ago I ordered some stickers that are reproduced from vintage postcards.  I tuck them in a FEW places.  Too many would be tacky.

 Valentine I made for my hubby last year.  I used a vintage card that had vintage seam binding on it.  Wish they still used cardboard for seam binding.

 Valentine one of my girls received several years ago.

 My boxwood wreaths from Christmas stayed.  They will probably stay at least through spring.  I will change out the red/cream ribbon after Valentines.  Maybe.  If I get to it. One of the things I love about boxwood is that it can be worked into your decor year round!

 Tuck in a Cavallini Valentines postcard and you have instant Valentine’s decor!  And just wait till Easter!  I love decorating for Easter.  Just a few more weeks… then the eggs, nests and bunnies can come out in full force!  But remember – not TOO much or it gets tacky.  Thank you.

 Another Valentine one of ‘the Sisters’ received.  I liked it so it got to stay.

 Matchbox that was included with the goodies I got from McMaster and Storm for Christmas.  Well, they were from my Mom but she bought them at Mc&S.

 Love the handwriting on Vintage post cards.

 The antlers are still finding a place in my decor.

 Another buy from McMaster and Storm.  I’ve had this for several years.  My only real Valentine’s decor other than post cards.  Oh and the vintage heart pics.
Nests and ribbon filled my cloche after the Christmas decor went back into storage.  And I added a vintage postcard that I altered several years ago for my hubby.
And the 3rd vintage heart pick found it’s way here.  Beside the log cachet and a vintage paint by number print.  And some vintage checked ribbon.
So now it’s your turn!  If you haven’t shared your valentine’s decor get at it!  And if you don’t do valentine’s decor?  Well, just show us what your decor looks like after the Christmas stuff goes back to the attic.  or basement.  or closet.  or wherever you keep it.  And have a Happy Valentine’s even if you don’t decorate!!
So that’s it – my photos and blog writing from 2 years ago!  Thanks for coming by and have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Inspector Clouseau says

    Nice work. I came across your blog while “blog surfing” using the Next Blog button on the blue Nav Bar located at the top of my site. I frequently just travel around looking for other blogs which exist on the Internet, and the various, creative ways in which people express themselves. Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    Hi, I just started following you…Knick of time and It’s Overflowing had you on as a guest and your home tour was so much fun. Love how you wirte, just like I think…ha ha. Your home is gorgeous, nive to see the work done and hear what’s left on your list…..kindred!

  3. says

    I love Valentine’s Day, but I don’t necessarily do much as far as decorating most of the time. I just like all the pink and red and white. And taking time to say “I Love You” is always a good thing!

    • says

      Amen! I did tuck a few postcards and a couple little things around yesterday. I think it’s pretty easy to get the decor overdone but the colors are delightful!

  4. says

    That’s the spirit! I love a good rerun, and since I never saw it the first time, I especially enjoyed it this time! Hope you are getting stronger and feeling better soon. It just zaps your energy to be sick like that.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

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