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Would you like to see more of my house than I’ve shown on my blog lately?  Aimee from It’s Overflowing asked if I’d like to have my home included in her Dreamy Dwellings Series.  So, of course, I said yes :)  And I set about trying to get good photos of my home.  Not an easy task in January in the Midwest.  Now I’m not convinced my home really qualifies as ‘Dreamy’, but go over and check it out if you want – and while you are there check out the other homes Aimee has featured in her series – there are some really really Dreamy homes featured!

kitchen 5PS – there is even a small peek at my bedroom

PSS – and there is more of my kitchen than I’ve shown for a very long time – if ever.

Sew a Fine Seam


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      :) Hope you enjoyed it Pam! Not exactly all you expected huh??!! I’m definitely over the black phase – just haven’t found the time to get it all ‘whitewashed’!

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    Jill….your home is so artistic and beautiful! I love it! And I’ve had to learn the same thing as you mentioned in your post…decorating is personal and despite all the opinions you have to listen to your gut! :) Thanks so much for sharing your home on my blog….LOVE your heart…LOVE your style! XO, Aimee

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      Awwww, Amy, you are so, so sweet! Thank YOU for having me over on your blog! It was really quite fun doing the photo shoot of my home! And it makes me really want to get the rest of it photo worthy too!

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    I went and had a look at your home, and as expected it is gorgeous! Love that long shelf in your living room. I really like all the red in your kitchen, but think it will look beautiful in white too, you have to go for what you love!!

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    I really enjoyed seeing your home on her website. You’ve got such creative style! I think you did a nice job on your kitchen too. I know you said it wasn’t laid out the way you would like, but it certainly has lots of style!

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    I went over to Aimee’s and took your tour. I loved seeing where you sew and I adore your little nook. How nice to have such a sunny place to take photos. Hope you all are feeling better…have a good weekend!

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      Thanks Ann – I love how the sun comes in my dining room too. We are all feeling pretty much back to normal – still get tired easily but we are over the worst!

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    I really like the stripes in your dining room. I can understand why you would nix them the next time around, but they are cool. They look really great in the photos.

    I like your coffee station! And your photos on the post are so good and homey!

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    Jill, your home is so adorably comfy! Lots of pretties- both practical and decorative. Glad to see you at Aimee’s. Wish we’d warm up- I need some shopping outings!

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