A feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness.

Something that triggers such a feeling; an exciting incident.


excitation – agitation – fluster – thrill

Have you ever experienced excitement?  I’m sure you have, probably many times!  Lots of different things can produce excitement.  I have an exciting announcement to share with you – and it definitely brings a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness to me.  Along with some fluster, a little agitation (what if I can’t pull this off), and a lot, a lot of thrill.

apples and roses cover

If you have never read Jennifer Carroll’s blog – please, by all means, get yourself over there now and check it out.  You have to see her Ralph Lauren inspired dinner party for two, here and here.  And her hot cocoa bar, here and here.  And her Christmas tree was amazing and definitely a must-see.  All of her decor is amazing and her photos are excellent.  Jennifer produced an online magazine in the past and all issues were wonderful.  She had to put it aside for a while, but now she is relaunching it, and besides a tablet version it will also be available to purchase in print!  Jennifer has become one of my close blog friends, I cannot wait till I can meet her in real life!  So I am overjoyed for her that God has blessed her with the opportunity to relaunch her magazine and brought people into her life who are helping her with the work load of producing it. And on top of that – SHE ASKED ME TO BE A CONTRIBUTOR TO THE MAGAZINE!!!  Can you believe it?!  Excitement really doesn’t begin to cover it.  And just look at this line-up of contributors!  Yep.  Excited.  And all the synonyms related to it.


Amy at A Nest for All Seasons, Beth at Unskinny Boppy, Jennifer Rizzo, Kelly at Eclectically Vintage, Lucy at Craftberry Bush, and KariAnne at Thistlewood Farm and me!

Check out all these gals too – they have great blogs, great personalities, and will be wonderful additions to your blogrolls :)

And check out Jennifer’s back issues here.  Absolute loveliness in every single one.

What’s happened in your life lately that produces a feeling of excitement?

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    CONGRATULATIONS. What a talented group of ladies you are teaming up with. You are certainly more than deserving with all of your talent and your sense of style. I can’t wait to follow you on this journey. So incredibly proud of you.

    • says

      :) Thanks Kendra :) That Oregon boy of yours can have this cold weather – I want sunny skies and 85 degrees with no humidity. Yeah, I’m easy to please and not very picky LOL!

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    Oh my goodness!! You have worked so hard and are so talented, it was only a matter of time before wonderful opportunities came your way! I couldn’t be more excited for you sweet friend! Have fun ~ you’ll be fabulous!

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    Wow! Jill how exciting for you ! You will be fantastic ( dont worry!) and how lovely to get to meet your boggy friend in person ! Looking forward to hearing more and exploring all those other ladies lovely blogs ! Siubhán x

    • says

      Thank YOU Jennifer for giving me a reason to be posting this! LOL! I’ve been having all kinds of ideas – for stuff that fits other times of the year!! Go figure! It will come I know it!

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