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Yesterday a friend and I went thrifting at a newly opened thrift store.  It was HUGE!  Great stuff.  Lots of furniture, though most of it was way overpriced for a thrift store I thought.  I did find some great stuff at great prices. In fact there were things I didn’t get because my pile was growing too tall.

One quick tip about thrifting – if you like something, grab it.  Put it in your cart and think about it while you are shopping for other stuff.  Keep adding all that cool stuff to your cart.  Then when you think you are finished looking, go through everything in your cart.  Decide if you really want it or not.  If you decide you don’t you can put it back.  If you leave it on the shelf and then decide you want it, chances are it will be gone when you go back.

metal lamp

There were lots of cool old lamps I wanted to bring home with me.  I settled for this one.  There were two and they both rode around in my cart.  I decided to only get one since I knew what I was going to do with just one.  Now I wish I had bought them both because this one looks really sweet on my kitchen counter – I’d add a clear round bulb and leave it shadeless.
thrifted lampI bought the lamp base to use with this garage sale shade I’ve had since last summer.  The shade is a little big for the base but I think it gives it a rather quirky fun look.  If I find another base that I like better for the shade I may go ahead and put this in my kitchen without a shade.

vintage trims

This bunch of vintage lace and trims I snapped up without a second thought!  See that netting stuff to the left?  That is netting for a hat.  Maybe someday I will get into hat making 😉

basket pendant lights

I didn’t follow my own tip about putting it in your cart if you think you might want it on these.  I loved them but just wasn’t sure if I should drag them home.  I knew I could resell them but I kind of wanted to use at least one.  But I couldn’t really think of the perfect place to use one.  In the end I bought them all.  And Travis really liked them.  He was trying to figure out a way to us ALL THREE of them in our laundry room! LOL!  I think we can use 2 of them.  The 3rd will most likely end up in a sale or on etsy.

french basket thrift find

This tiny basket made me think of European baskets I’ve seen.  Sure enough it exactly matches my french baguette basket!  For $0.99 I’m very glad I got it.

monogrammed water pitcher

Cute little water pitcher – can you see the monogram?  I considered putting this back on the shelf several times but the monogram got me every time and it came home with me.
monogrammed pitcher

Here is a closer look at the monogram.  It’s hard to photograph glass with light hitting it from all directions!  I think that monogram is an ‘M’.  Do you agree?


Small pinking shears.  Vintage scissors get me every time.  Every. Single. Time.  My collection of scissors is quite large.sheet music

Vintage sheet music.  I want to make a really big sheet music wreath someday.  And sheet music is great to shred and use for a fun touch in gifts.  Or to wrap a small gift in.  You can never have too much vintage sheet music – there are a ton of uses for it.  Emma already claimed one book – to play!!crepe paper bells

These aren’t vintage but the creamy white color was too good to pass up.  I’m sure I will find a way to use them.deconstructed lamp shades

I know that deconstructed lamp shades have been around for a while but I’ve never really done anything with one.  For one thing I never had one when I saw an idea for a fun one!  So I grabbed them both.  I have a couple of ideas – we’ll see what transpires.

bagful of birds

I almost passed this bag full of birdies by.  But then I decided there were at least a couple of cute ones, and the gold ones could be painted, and there were a couple of nests tucked in there too.  And it was $0.99.  In the cart it went.

tarp strap ribbons

Vintage tarp strap ribbon.  I’m seeing some outdoor pillows detailed with this stuff!player piano music

Vintage piano player music.  Travis was not impressed with this purchase.  He just doesn’t get it.  Yes, I know our piano is not a player piano.  No, I do not care that it is not a player piano.  The boxes are cool.  The paper rolls are cool.  They can be repurposed into something else.

piano music

See how cool and old the paper is?!vintage piano music

I think it would be really fun to use the paper as a table runner sometime.  There were lots, lots more boxes of piano player music available.  I wanted to buy it all – it just looked really old and cool!vintage piano musicDon’t you think this would make a fun table runner?  What would you do with it??

Have you been thrifting lately?  What is your very favorite thrifted find?

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  1. says

    OOOOh girl…you had an AMAZING day at the Thrift! The scissors and the bits of lace are probably my favorite…wait…maybe it’s the lamp shades….or the player piano rolls…yes, that’s it…no, wait….. and, for the record, Yes, I think that it’s an “M”. xo, kimberly

  2. Sue says

    I wanna know where you were! No good thrifts down here, at all. I’m always up for abroad trip. You found some good stuff. :-)

    • says

      Hi Sue! St. Francis thrift just opened a huge store in Huber Heights! There are also some in Dayton that I like to go to but Huber Heights is so close for me – 30 minutes or less.

      • Sue says

        I didn’t know therenwas a newly opened store up north. St. Francis in Kettering has little to nothing and their prices are ridiculous. Our furniture store often donates furniture that our delivery drivers take when they deliver new furnishings. St Francis puts really high prices on them and they are really junky! I think they fancy themselves a retail store! LOL. I like to pay no more than $2 for my piano rolls- I’ve never seen them at $5 before. Kinda high…. If I make it up to Huber, I’ll check this store out, their pricing is and see if they have anything I can use. thanks for the info. :-)

        • says

          Their pricing is high on the furniture but they had some really nice stuff. And some not so nice. I thought the piano rolls were a little high but it was something I really wanted so I got it. I got some other stuff dirt cheap so it all evened out!

    • says

      Kelly, it’s so funny how many people agree with me about the player piano sheets :) My hubby did NOT get it at all. We don’t have a player piano so why in the world would you buy the player rolls?? I smiled sweetly because I knew there were people in blogland who would get it!

  3. says

    You found some REALLY great things there, Jill. I just love all your finds! You could probably resell that vintage piano music to someone with a player piano. Not many of those old rolls survived. xo Diana

    • says

      Diana, I wanted to bring all the piano rolls home with me. But there were a LOT of them and at $5 a piece I didn’t think I should probably do that. I’d love to go back and offer them $50 for the whole stack!

  4. says

    OMG Jill – talk about hitting the jack pot – you found some incredible things!
    That vintage paper is gorgeous – those birds would make great christmas tree ornaments
    you could spray paint them all one color!!!

  5. says

    The scissors are so cute! What a fun collection!

    I think the monogram is an M. Probably should give the pitcher to me.

    You make everything look so cool and you will do such neat stuff with it! BUT, if I saw it in a store I would pass it by. I am not good at seeing the potential…..

  6. Crystal says

    If your trying to find a home for the really ‘ugly’ birds, I may be interested. :) I’ve been trying to find a few birds for the baby room.

  7. says

    Oh I love to go thrifting when I can, looks like you got some awesome finds. My favorites are the shears and sheet music and of course the vintage lace. I’ve been slowly getting sheet music for a craft I want to do but still more collecting before I can start. Visiting you from Feathered Nest Friday, I’m your neighbor.

    • says

      Isn’t that ribbon fun Tonya? Not sure exactly how it’s going to shape out but it looks fun. I might use a piece of it to tie around my concrete sheep’s neck too.

  8. says

    Gosh, you found so many cool things! I’ve seen those boxes of piano player music at an antique store before and thought the same thing. Those old black boxes look neat! It would make an interesting table runner, like you said. You’re so right about grabbing what you want and then deciding if you really want it. Sometimes, I’ll go back for something I saw and have trouble finding it if the store is big. There’s always so much stuff in those stores! Have fun using your new things.

    • says

      It can be hard to go back and find stuff even when it’s still there! I also think that paper would be fun to use for those cool paper snow flakes I’ve seen here and there in the past few years. Wish I could have bought the whole big stack!

  9. says

    Jill, you scored big time! I have a bunch of those player piano rolls but I haven’t done anything fun with them yet. I like your idea of a runner! Enjoy all your goodies :)

  10. says

    Wow! I sure wished I lived near you! I have never found scissors nor do I find deals like the ones you have found. I love thrifting! I am visiting from Liz Marie link party & hope you will hop on over to my blog:

  11. says

    What incredible and interesting finds. I can’t believe you even hesitate on that $1 bag of birds and nests. I can’t wait to see what you do with all your fantastic finds. You are the queen of repurposing so I can’t wait to see what you do!

  12. says

    What a great store. So many cool things and you have the vision to imagine it all into something wonderful. I went looking yesterday too and had to go put things back after walking around with them. My finds weren’t quite as intriguing. There wasn’t alot there that I could “see differently”. Good work!

    • says

      Thanks Liz, that’s quite a complement – I’ve had plenty of stuff I didn’t get and then saw great ideas done with it! I’m slowly learning what to buy and what to leave there! And I have days I go to Goodwill and find tons of great stuff and lots and lots of other days that I leave with nothing.

    • says

      Angela, I can’t wait either! I’m really hoping we get our laundry room finished up this year and I do think we are going to try to hang 2 of them there. The other one I will probably resell.

  13. Marla says

    Good finds!
    I could totally see the piano roll being hung on the wall and then using paper clips to attach pictures and memorabilia at the slits/holes.Or it would be really cute as a banner.

    • says

      Marla that is a wonderful idea! I was thinking it would be fun to somehow hang a roll of the paper on a wall but hadn’t thought of using the holes for clipping pics etc. to it! And a banner would be great too – hmmmm…. now to do something fun with it! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!

  14. says

    WOW Jill!! Lots of GREAT stuff!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality! I’m looking forward to seeing what you link up tomorrow evening!

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