My Sweet Savannah – Please Help!

Do you read My Sweet Savannah?  If you don’t you should.  Melaine is one of my best blog friends and today I want to take some time to help her out.  She text me yesterday and told me her blog went to blog heaven :(  The blog is still there but she’s been locked out of it due to technical difficulties.  Not good.

my sweet savannah headere

Today Melaine text me and told me she has a new blog started.  You can find it here –

If you followed her in the past go to her new blog and follow her from there.  If you didn’t follow her in the past please go over now and follow her.  She had over 6500 GFC followers on her other blog. And while the numbers are not the most important thing about blogging, it is distressing to have to start all over!  It took her six years to gain the following and blog presence she has today.  Lets come alongside her and help her out where google won’t.  This is one of my favorite things about blogging – the friends I’ve made and the way we can pull together to help each other out when we need it!

I know Melaine will appreciate each of you who comes over to see her and follow her as she rebuilds her blog.


Thank You!


  ‘One Who Sews’


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  1. You are such a kind friend, Jill! I just stopped by to follow Melaine again!
    Pam @ Simple Details recently posted..just do what matters….My Profile

  2. Wow. what a nightmare! I just clicked follow on her new blog :-)

  3. How sweet of you to help out and I’d love to go over follow her blog. It’s adorable.
    Liz recently posted..The Quirky Vistas Underdogs are HereMy Profile

    • Hi there: I went to her new blog but it says it doesn’t exist. Checked her old one and that is still there from January 2nd. Hope she can get it resolved soon and when she does, I will be glad to go back and re-follow. Paula

      • If you click on the link on my blog it does go to her new blog. I just checked both links I have and they both worked. Not sure why that didn’t work for you? Yes, her old blog is still there but she just can’t access it at all to update it. So her new blog has a link on it to her old one so you can read her old posts if you want to. Hope you can get to her new one to follow her now!

  4. Thanks for posting this! Hopefully we can get the word out!!!

  5. Every bloggers worst nightmare. How sweet of you to use your blog as a platform to try and help her get her readers back.
    Amy of While Wearing Heels recently posted..Goodwill Hunting RoundupMy Profile

  6. I love Melanie…I can’t believe that happened…I was wondering just the other day why she hadn’t blogged…I’m gonna head over right away…! So scary and sad…:(
    LUCY recently posted..Welcome to our new linky party….My Profile

    • I know, Lucy, I feel so bad for her. She’s doing great at getting her new blog up and running though – hoping she will get her followers back quickly too.

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