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Good Evening!  I should say Good-Night I guess as it’s past midnight and I really need to be in bed.  We traveled all day today, and arrived at my Sisters around 9pm Kansas time.  The weather in Ohio when we started was less than stellar – blowing snow, slick roads, and cold.  But by the time we got into Illinois the sky was clearing, roads were drying, and travelling was easier.  We are glad to be here!

I wanted to take time to share some pics from the Open House I had in my home last weekend.  I have a couple more posts I’d like to get up before Christmas but they may be short and sweet – I am ready to relax and spend some fun time with my family.

open house 9

open house open house 2

open house 3 open house 4

open house 5 open house 6

open house 7 open house 8I had so much fun styling my handmade goods and vintage finds in my home and having friends and acquaintances stop by!  A couple wonderful friends helped me out with some yummy snacks and a delicious hot chocolate bar.  I will try to show you some pics of that stuff too – might be after the new year though!

Have a wonderful weekend, take time to enjoy the season!

Sew a Fine Seam


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      Pam, some of it I had leftover from an event I did last year. Some was from making stuff to put on etsy. A lot of it was stuff I made to take to the Craft Market I did a couple weeks before this one. Most of it is small stuff that doesn’t take long. And I suppose I am a little faster than some when I get at something – that’s what my family has always said anyway! and you don’t see all the stuff I DIDN’T do – LOL!

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      Stacey, I would highly recommend you try this! It was so much fun! It was rather last minute and I just advertised through fb and my blog and my email list. Next year I think I will try to do some more advertising – in the paper, and get it out to more people sooner. I did wonderful and think it would be fun to make it even bigger! I hope you go for it – I might even try to come – Illinois isn’t THAT far away!

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    Merry Christmas, Jill! So many times I have thought I’d like to do this but never have. I think the obstacle of building up my inventory has always deterred me. Everything looks great! I’m glad it went well for you. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

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      Sonya you should totally do this! It was so much fun. I didn’t make a lot of stuff right before this event – I had leftovers from a couple others and some vintage stuff and all of it together was enough! it wasn’t as time consuming or stressful as I thought it might be.

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    What a beautiful open house. It’s no wonder you had so many sales. I would have loved to have walked around your warm, inviting and beautiful home to look your lovely creations.

    I can’t believe you are in Illinois…so close but still so far away. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

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