Christmas Caramels

To post or not to post.  I waffled.  Some bloggers have declared today a day of blogger silence for the families in Newtown Connecticut.  And I feel very deeply for everyone impacted by the events of last Friday.  I cannot handle dwelling on it though, and it has been helpful to me to be able to read and interact with my blog friends like normal.  So I am posting today and from here on I will not be mentioning the Connecticut tragedy again.  I will continue to pray for them but I will not be talking about it on my blog.


When I was a child, every year at Christmastime my Dad would come home with a box of caramesl.  Oh how I loved those caramels.  I don’t know if someone at work sold them every year or if the company handed them out to everyone but I do know they were the best caramels I ever had and I always looked forward to my Dad bringing them home.caramels 2

They were packaged in a cute cardboard box that was printed in a white and caramel plaid.  The boxes my Dad always brought home were a mix of plain caramel candies and caramel candies with nuts.  I did not like the nuts.  And for some reason the plain candies always got all first.  I don’t know why it was always that way.  Did I mention that caramels are my very favorite kind of candy???  I loved the caramel so much I remember eating the caramels with nuts after the plain caramels were all – and spitting the nuts out!  ( I was pretty young I think :D)

caramels 3

The memories of that darling caramel and white plaid box stayed with me along with the memory of the delicious candy.  And I often wondered, as an adult, what the name of the company was and if they were still in business.  And my mouth would water for more of their yumminess every Christmas.  You see as a child I failed to recognize that I should write down the candy maker’s name so I could find them when I was older and wanting to bring some old Christmas memories to life again.
caramels 4

Decades after those lovely caramels disappeared from our Christmas scene they once again made an appearance.  My parents found them being sold at a restaurant in a little town on the line between Ohio and Indiana.  And they bought me a box.  And the box was full of PLAIN caramels.  No nuts.  I still don’t think nuts belong in caramel candies.
caramels 5

I hid the box for a while and enjoyed sneaking a candy now and then.  But my teenager caught on and I had to share.  The candy is just as yummy as it was over 25 years ago.  And the caramel and white plaid box is just as cute – in fact it’s even cuter now because now it looks ‘vintage’ :)caramels 6

I am wishing I had a box sitting here right now.  And hoping my Mom has some on hand for Christmastime!  (yes, Mom, that is a HINT!)

What are some of your childhood Christmas memories?

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  1. says

    How fun! I agree that nuts don’t belong in caramel! There is a church here in town that makes & sells caramels as a fundraiser and my dad always buys several boxes. He keeps them in the fridge and puts one or two at a time in his shirt pocket to soften them up. I love to see the sparkle in his eye as he “sneaks” them to the boys.

    My favorite Christmas memory is a brass angel carousel my mom had. It had candles and when you lit them the heat (I assume?) would make the carousel spin. I loved that!

  2. Janice says

    Some other super duper yummy caramels are Carol Anne’s Caramels (Carol Anne Miller from CA…she’s the one who asked about your deer bag!) They are amazing.

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