Christmas Tree

I love Christmas trees!  From the teeny tiny ones to the tallest you can fit in your house.  I wanted an 8 ft. tall tree.  But you get above 7.5 feet and the price goes sky high!  Way above the treetops!  So I settled for a 7.5 ft. tree and I like it just fine.  Can’t say I wouldn’t jump at the chance to get a taller one though!  Our ceilings are about 8 ft 8in – I’d take and 8ft 6in tree if I could afford it.  We had a real tree a couple years ago and I loved it but by Christmas it really didn’t look very nice – it had dried so much it really shrunk up and the branches were droopy and withered looking.  So faux it was this year!  Last year I had a small potted tree that I stuck in an urn.

Christmas tree 2

I made the no-sew ruffled tree skirt using this tutorial.

christmas tree

dress form with collarMy dress form got some new bling – I won a giveaway and this embellished lace collar was tucked in the box too.  I will share photos of all the great stuff I won next week.

christmas decor 25

I don’t think I ever shared these pics of my dining room.  I like the way the windows are so bright and blown out – it’s my kind of photography!  I know not everyone likes this look but I really decor 26

I was happy with the way the little table inside the front door turned out.  And I left Emma’s boots there for the photo because I thought they looked kind of cute!

christmas decor 27

Fresh holly is really fun to use at Christmastime. Just don’t forget to use gloves to remove it once the holiday are over – this stuff dries hard and prickly!

nook shelves

The little shelves on either side of the dining room nook always get something a little different each year and I love each look I’ve ever done.  This year I used this little metal and gemstone tiara that I bought from Decor Steals.  And the little paper lady is an ornament from Jo-Ann Fabrics several years ago.nook shelves 2

nook shelves 3On the other side I kept the Metal ‘F’ that has been there for years and tucked this little white nativity and some holly beside it.

Tomorrow is my Open House sale and I’m all ready!  Need to get a few hours sleep now and then set up the last couple things and get some food and drinks going!  Thanks to a couple of friends who are bringing snacks and a hot chocolate bar!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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    I was so mesmerized by all your goodies today I missed your tree :) Sure didn’t miss that hot chocolate bar or Janice’s treats though! Not sure what you bartered her for but it must have been great 😉

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      Thank you SO much, Jenni, for coming over! It meant a lot to me that you took the time to drive half an hour to come and that you enjoyed it so much! Wasn’t the hot chocolate just the best?! Jessica is an awesome friend :)

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      Thank you Kennesha! I did add the party button to my post – I meant to do that when I first linked and something came up and I didn’t get it done. Thanks for reminding me I needed to do it!

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    I hope you have many, many sales during your open house. You have so many beautiful, lovely things, I am sure your friends will not want to leave empty handed. Your Christmas tree is beautiful, the tree skirt, is perfect, your home is lovely.

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