Shelf instead of a Mantel

I love browsing blogs and seeing all the wondrously decorated mantels.  So many great ideas.  So many new Christmas ‘pins’.  So many things I want to try.  But I don’t have a mantel.  Instead, I have a 12 foot shelf that spans the width of my living room.    So I decorate a Shelf instead of a Mantel!

It isn’t easy to photograph a 12+ foot shelf!  To get just the shelf you end up with a long skinny photo!

See?  Long and skinny :D  And the chains to my center light are always in the picture looking a little odd.

I did manage to get things all fluffed for a quick shot of the whole room.  If anyone has any advice on what I should replace my light with I would be delighted if you would share!  Since we now have a furnace and are not using that corn burner in the corner, we no longer need the ceiling fan!  Insert happy dance here!  I plan to replace that as soon as I find the perfect new light.  I’d love something really cool, a touch industrial, slightly chandelier – something that can be detailed out for Christmas with some greenery and such.  Ideas, suggestions, links to items, etc. would all be very much welcomed and appreciated!  Also notice on the right you can get a peek of my deer.  He’s all decked out for the holidays – he gets his own post though!

My detailed globe didn’t sell at the Craft Market and I’m glad!  It is still for sale, but for now I’m enjoying it and I love how it ties so well with the nativity.  The banner I pinned to it is stamped with ‘Joy to the World, the Lord is Come’.  I have more pics of it too – coming up soon!

Had to include a quick shot of our tree too.  More coming on it too – I made a tree skirt – a no-sew tree skirt.  Yes, the ‘One Who Sews’ made a no-sew tree skirt.  Please don’t judge! ;)

More posts coming soon.  I’m feeling stressed right now as I look at my to-do list.  I must get at some of the sewing projects – they are all pretty simple but the list has grown quite long.  I’m not complaining at all!  I’m very excited with the custom orders I’ve received and the fabric and ribbon orders that have arrived on my doorstep.  But I’m feeling the pressure just a bit.  On the heels of a very emotional and exhausting weekend it’s overwhelming me a bit.  Prayers would be appreciated!

And I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who have left comments, prayed for me, brought food, offered help, picked up the ‘angel tree’ gifts I needed to buy, and just sent good thoughts our way this week and weekend.  I  so appreciate each and every one of you!

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  1. I love your “mantel”! I only have a shelf, too, but I love decorating it! And your home is so pretty! So calm and cozy! Hope you have a good week and that you are able to get things checked off your to do list!

    Allison @ The Golden Sycamore recently posted..Plaid DeskMy Profile

    • Thanks Allison – I’m glad I have something to decorate even if it’s not a real mantel! One of the reasons I requested the long shelf when we redid the room!

  2. Your shelf looks as nice as any mantle, Jill. It is really pretty. You will have to just “shop” pictures everywhere until you find the right light….you’ll know it when you see it. Love your tree- it looks lovely. Have a good upcoming week-I know it has been a stressful Season for you so far. Blessings- xo Diana
    Nana Diana recently posted..SWEET CHEEKS BILLBOARD GOES UPMy Profile

  3. I have spent the last while browsing your beautiful site! LOVE! I’d love to have you join my link party on Saturday mornings and if you’re ever interested in being featured as my Dreamy Dwelling…send me a line!!! I hope you have a great week Jill! XO, Aimee
    Aimee – It’s Overflowing recently posted..Baby B’s Christmas Birthday Party Decor+ GiveawayMy Profile

    • Awww Amy, thanks so much – you are so sweet! I’m so glad I discovered you through the Christmas link party! And I would be delighted to be featured as your Dreamy Dwelling! I’m so honored that you would ask! Just let me know when and the details you need!

  4. Looks like you’re doing an amazing job to me! It sounds like you’re very busy. Still finding time to blog and comment must be a sign of your enduring energy. I love how you styled your shelf! It’s so charming. Your home has a lot of vintage charm which I love. I’ll have to give your light fixture some thought. I’m kind of envisioning one of those light fixtures with the cage around the bulb. Real old-fashioned and industrial with a touch of black. I’ve seen them for sale at Maison Decor (on her blog) and Lucketts blog (their online store) I think. It may be too small for the room though. Anyway, something along those lines would be fun in that room. Love the vintage ornaments used on your tree too. Perfect for that room!
    Kelly recently posted..My Newest LovesMy Profile

    • Thanks Kelly! blogging and commenting is therapy for me – especially the commenting! And I love your vision for my light – I’ll be on the lookout for the perfect thing!

  5. It looks beautiful! I too don’t really have a mantel and so I try to dress up every flat space I can! You are definitely a girl after my own heart with all the sparkly white and silver!

    • Thank you Ashley! I love to use white. I’d love to go all white with our tree some year too but my kids wanted to put all the ornaments on it this year so I let them!

  6. What a beutiful mantel/shelf you have! I adore every little detail! I love your style so much! I can imagine how stressful this time of the year is for you with all of your wonderful customers and your life stuff that is going on. I will be praying that things start to settle down soon for you!
    Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy recently posted..Fuzzy Yarn Christmas Wreath DIYMy Profile

    • Thank you Jaime! Today started out rather hard but I kept going and have several things marked off my to-do list. I think I just might get this place whipped into shape by Saturday – and get all my custom orders made! I’m having an open house here for all my friends and aquaintances to come shop!

  7. I love your long skinny shelf and all the things on it! That room looks so cozy and inviting. Love it! I don’t have a mantle that is worth decorating. It is big, but super narrow, and in a weird place. The stocking hang there, and there is artwork above it by me, but it isn’t worth photographing. Love the idea of the long shelf though!
    karen recently posted..My Work Here is Done, and I would like to thank…..My Profile

    • Thank you Karen – it is a very cozy room – when it is cleaned up from all my kids messes! I usually do a lot of fresh boxwood but the gal I get it from is in Haiti for 2 years so I did without this year. I kind of like how the shelf turned out with all the silver and a touch of gold! And white of course!

  8. I have a mantel, but I like your shelf so much better! What a great choice of colors! Thanks so much for the inspiration today my wonderful friend!

    Thistle recently posted..Christmas Family Room 12 Days of Christmas Day 10My Profile

    • Thank you Karianne! That you like MY decor when YOURS is so totally awesome is just amazing to me! You are a wonderful friend – so glad I got to know you!
      Are you going to Haven next year??? I want to go SO SO bad!

  9. I can’t imagine styling that shelf, Jill! You did an amazing job incorporating all your pieces, my 5′ mantle gives me fits. The frames are perfect and I can’t wait for the deer post, I was trying hard to peek at him! What about one of those 90s brass chandeliers painted (little green notebook had one recently she painted) I could see yours in white, of course, decked out with greenery for holidays. You’re in my prayers sweet friend!
    Pam @ Simple Details recently posted..a present for you…My Profile

    • Thanks Pam! I may start scouring Craigs list for a fun light to redo! If I stay cheap I can always replace it if I get tired of it – if I get an expensive new light I’m pretty much stuck with it even if I change my mind!

  10. Jill, you did a fantastic job on your ‘faux mantel’! And I may have to steal, I mean borrow-ha! your coffee table (on wheels)-love it!! Just take deep breaths and one day at a time as the season can get stressful :)

  11. Jill your house is so lovely. It’s the type of home we all wish we could come home to for the holidays…well, now that you have a furnace :). Your house looks like it’s filled with lots of beautiful touches that bring back lots of happy memories.
    Amy of While Wearing Heels recently posted..Bat Signal OrnamentMy Profile

  12. Hey there- well I guess I’ve been living in a cave or something but I JUST realized that I’m not getting your posts anymore (in my email)!! I just re-subscribed and I’m looking forward to seeing all you’re up to again. I’ve got some catching up to do! Everything looks BEAUTIFUL over there!
    breida @ recently posted..Bah, Humbug! {my Christmas Train is off the track}My Profile

    • Thanks Breida! Feedburner has done that to me with some people too – a couple of them i couldn’t resubscribe and then eventually they just started showing up again. Nice when it works but not so nice when it don’t!

  13. I love your shelf mantel! Glad I clicked on your link on 52 mantels because I love your blog! Your photographs and style are beautiful.

  14. I love your mantel shelf! It is so pretty and love the eclectic mix. Your tree also looks so pretty. Thanks for linking up to our Home for the Holidays Link Party.

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