Outside Christmas Decor

I always do some decorating outside, at least on the porches.  This year was not very cold for it, which I thought was wonderful!  I’m not one of the people wishing for snow and asking where winter is!  I know you are shocked ;)

My old wooden electrical spool on the front porch got a new bouquet in the old sap bucket.  I added fresh holly and my dried Hydrangea to the sticks from fall.  The wire crown is from an ivy plant that was shaped around the crown.  Alas, the ivy didn’t survive but I kept the crown form.

This sheep’s normal spot of repose is right beside the front door, but I moved him for the season.  He is quite fond of his holly adorning his neck!

Front Door.  With the front porch chairs and spool reflected in the glass :D

I bought the wreath from a friend’s daughter who was selling them for cheerleader fundraising.  It came with 3 pinecones and a red ribbon.  I took all that off and hot glued some fresh holly into the wreath and hung it with some gold seam binding.  To hang my wreaths I had my hubby put a screw in the top edge of the door years ago.  I make a hole in whatever ribbon I decide to use, take the screw out of the door and put it back in through the ribbon.  Works like a charm and eliminates the need for a wreath hanger.  I don’t care for wreath hangers.

My kitchen porch got the jingle bell wreath this year and a pair of old skates that I got at a garage sale this year.  The metal sign my sister gave me for Christmas a few years ago.

My large concrete sheep got a holly treatment too.  I think he looks so cute and he seems to like it as much as the sheep on the porch :)

And just for fun here is our house.  We are nearing the end of our remodel of the inside.  Hopefully in a couple more years we will be ready to redo the porches and get some siding put on.  We would like to redo the front porch roofline and go with a metal roof.  Not sure that will happen but dreaming can’t hurt!  Eventually I’d like to find a spot elsewhere for the grill too – somehow it’s never been my idea of porch decor.

Do you decorate outside?  I want lights on the house too, but have yet to talk my hubby into putting them up!

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    • says

      Thank you Pam! I have plans for that porch if we can ever get done on the inside and move on to the outside! I’m dreaming of drop cloth outdoor curtains, some vining ivy, a swing….!

  1. Jane L says

    I’ve been looking at some sheep like that for a while and now I think I will have to buy at least one…they look so cute with their holly!! Do you grow your own holly?? I have other evergreens but not holly, but it is really pretty at Christmas, especially!! I’ve gotten so into a rut the last few years with just sitting out my sled and ice skates with greenery, but I was just to Lowes and Menards and looked at their pots filled with sand and then evergreen cuts and twigs and now your blog….I think the pruners are coming out tomorrow…..

    • says

      Hi Jane – we have one small holly bush that isn’t really big enough to cut from yet. This all came from my Grandma’s when I went over to see her shortly before she died. Her bushes are so huge you couldn’t even tell I’d cut anything off of them – and I cut a lot!

      • Jane L says

        Oh, Jill….that makes it so much more special!! thanks for sharing the pix of your Christmas “decor”! Blessings on your Sunday….

  2. says

    Your house is so charming! It looks like an older style home which I love. I love the sheep you used on your porch with greenery around their neck. Too cute! I decorated our home outside too and still need to take pictures to share. You reminded me I need to do that soon! LOL
    Kelly recently posted..Farmhouse Style Christmas TouchesMy Profile

  3. Sue says

    What a sweet vintage home you have, Jill. You’ve dressed the porch so well. I love the little sheep, with its holly necklace. :-)

    • Sue says

      I hit the wrong button before I finished….. Wanted to say I like your wire basket filled with the skates and bell wreath, too. I’m still working on my decorating. Hopefully tomorrow will be my last day…. I want to sit and enjoy it all. :-)

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