Deck the Halls …

…or in my case deck the nook, etc.  I can’t really ‘deck the halls’ because I don’t have a hall to deck.  But I definitely find places to deck out for the holidays!  I love Christmas decor.  Each year I pull it all out and use it in different spots and different ways.  I always buy something new too it seems.  I just can’t help myself.  Remember the stuff I bought this year?  I was so glad I bought it when it came time to ‘deck the halls’.  Or rather the nook, and the piano, and the industrial cart, and the living room shelf, and the end table, and the kitchen, and… let me show you!

In this post I will show you my dining room nook.  Go here to see how it looked before.  This year my glittered deer took center stage here.  He feels right at home surrounded by a forest of trees that are all bejeweled and glittery.  The vintage ornaments add even more glam and glitz and Mr. Deer is just prancing with delight.

He also loves that he is standing on a mirror so it looks like even more trees and glitter than ever.

Do you love the cream-colored vintage bottle brush trees as much as I do?  And the gorgeous golden tiny trees inside the cloche with Mr. Deer?  Well, I have a secret to share with you!  These lovely trees are not vintage and didn’t carry the expensive price tag the vintage ones do!  Care to hear more?

Now lest you are beginning to think I am a genius, let me reassure you I am NO such thing.  I did NOT come up with this technique on my own, I simply read about it on a blog and had an ‘ah-ha’ moment!  I had some green and green/blue trees that I wasn’t so fond of anymore.  In fact, when I had my ah-ha moment I was a little worried that I had already gotten rid of the trees!  But I hadn’t and I promptly put them in bleach water and let that green melt away.  (as soon as I remember the friend’s blog where I first read about this I want to link to her.) UPDATE:  I knew it was Becky over at Timewashed!  I finally dug far enough to find her post so I could link to her!  Thanks Becky, so much for the tip on bleaching trees!  I now want to buy a big bag of them to bleach next year!

I just love how beautiful they all turned out and I will be buying more of those green/blue trees to turn into lovely cream-colored trees!

 The glittered bird-cage was found at Wal-Mart this year.  I like the oversized look it has here with the trees and deer.  Gives it a bit of whimsy.

More decor posts to come soon :)  What do you think of my nook vignette??

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      Lisa, I love finding blogs that have a look I love! And making new friends! Christmas decor is my favorite so I’ve been having a lot of fun popping in to see all the inspiration!

  1. says

    Girlfriend, you are BRILLIANT! I’ve wanted some of those white bottle brush trees and just got a ginormous package of the icky blue green ones at Michael’s with my 50% off coupon. I need a few of them for the houses that I’m making but the rest are going straight into the bleach! I’m speechless…and SO EXCITED! xo, Kimberly

  2. says

    Love all the tiny bottle brush trees!! Thanks for the tip on bleaching the ugly blueish green trees into such a pretty cream color! I may have to try that too!

  3. says

    How clever! I never knew you could bleach the colors out of those trees and have them look like that. I love those! They would work well in my decor too since they are cream colored. I like how you clustered all of the little trees together in one big vignette.

    • says

      Thanks Kelly! I didn’t know it either till I saw it on a blog – got to figure out where I first saw it and link to her. I love the great stuff you can learn through blogging!

  4. Angela says

    U r so good at this kind of stuff….I had the thought….u should bring your open she over here, set it up and then I will buy one of everything and voila….my she is decorated =). Sounds awesome!! Lol

  5. says

    I LOVE your display. I’m a huge fan of deer and bottle brush trees so you can imagine my “gasp” when I saw your first photo. You have styled it all so very beautifully!

  6. says

    wow – this is a lovely NOOK. I love your large glittered reindeer. I just posted about my experience with bleaching trees too. Found you via the blog hop and just became your newest follower. Great blog and neat ideas.

    have a Happy Holiday
    one crafty mess

  7. says

    Hi Jill, Thanks for sharing your pretty vignette at the Open House party. I love the bottle brush trees and the cloche display if beautiful. Happy Holidays

    • says

      Thank you Sherry – and thanks so much for hosting! Love link parties – especially at Christmas – Oh the inspiration to be seen on all the great blogs out there!

    • says

      Thank you Peggy – and yes you can bleach the trees! It was such an ‘AH-HA’ moment when I saw it on ‘Time Washed’ blog! Just make sure they are sisal instead of plastic and you can bleach them to your hearts content!

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