Shopping – A Whole Weekend’s Worth

I spent this past weekend shopping.  Shopping, and talking, and laughing, and eating good food.  With friends and our husbands.  No kids.  It was awesome.

This time of year the Christmas decor always sucks me in.  Every January when I’m packing away all the Christmas fluff and glam I vow I will not buy another thing that classifies as Christmas decor.  But by November the faint memories of packing all that stuff away are blown completely South with the warm weather.  And something glittery and bright just begs to come stay at my house.

All White and Silver, ornaments, houses, crown, deer, glitter, nativities… I love it all.

Never mind that $2 and $4 and $6 soon adds up to $50 or $75 or $100.  (I didn’t really add up what the Christmas decor totaled!)

Restoration Hardware, Crate and Barrel, Target, Sobo Style – Loveliness I couldn’t leave behind.

Love how this little guy catches the light and reflects the colors around him.

Holly or Mistletoe?  Not sure which this is supposed to be but it’s lovely.  Travis prefers to think of it as mistletoe ;)

Remember my thrift shop and estate sale finds?  This weekend I scored 2 more of these great old laundry baskets!  This brings my total to seven.  I do believe I finally have enough I can use a couple as props at my upcoming event.  I like my props to be for sale, and I couldn’t part with my laundry baskets when I only had two!

We made a stop at one of my favorite fabric stores – Sew to Speak  And it wasn’t even me who suggested we go there.  Honest it wasn’t.  Of course once the suggestion was voiced I headed there as fast as possible before someone vetoed it!!  And once in the shop I was the one who shopped the longest.  And spent the most money.  Some of this fabric is already made into some fun stuff that will be going with me to ‘Not Your Mama’s’ Craft Market.

My wardrobe needed a little pick-me-up too.  I finally have some clothes that don’t look like they need to be cut up for the rag-bag.

I found this darling little crown baby ‘hat’ and had to buy it for my photographer friend Belle.

I also found these cool folding chairs at a thrift store.  $8.10 for both.  They both have the seats, I just already took one of them off.  I plan to paint the chairs and recover the seats.  I’m also contemplating trying to get the back stuff out and put fabric there too.  The fact that these fold is just so cool to me! Great props :)

I got a few things for the kids too.  I got Larke and Becca their Christmas outfits but I haven’t even told them I did.  Travis thought I should save them.  If I showed them to the girls now I’d never hear the end of it till I let them wear them right away.  I’ll post some pics of them in a few weeks at Christmastime ;)

Have you gone on any fun shopping trips recently?

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  1. Seriously awesome chairs!

  2. Great score! I love the caning on the back of the folding chairs.

    I am saving myself for the friends and family event at Anthro. Since the Fashionista is an employee this magic happens about 2-3 x a year. December is my favorite as I get most of my shopping done then.
    Laura Ingalls Gunn recently posted..A Stress Free Season ~ Laughter is the Best MedicineMy Profile

    • Every time I get the chance to go to Anthro I think of you Laura, and wish I could tag along with you when you go to those events! i was a bit disappointed with Anthro this time. they usually are all decked out for Christmas when we go on this weekend shopping trip but this year they were just getting started. And their selection of gift items wasn’t what I’m used to seeing at Christmastime. Not sure what the deal was cause we always go the first weekend in November. Other stores were all decked for Christmas but not Anthro.

  3. Fun fun finds!!! Love the baskets!! :)
    Wish I could come see your {CUTE} booth at craft sale! :/ :)
    Belle Hess recently peeks….My Profile

  4. Those chairs are neat! And I love all the silver and glittery stuff!

    Looks like fun!!!!
    deborah recently posted..The Confident Mom 2013 Household Planner GiveawayMy Profile

  5. While I LOVE your finds I think the best part is that you were able to sneak away with friends, hubby and NO KIDS! That makes it so much fun to do something like this. I have never seen folding chairs like that. EVERYTHING is awesome- xo Diana
    Nana Diana recently posted..Mirror Mirror On The WallMy Profile

  6. I know the stores you mentioned! Sounds like a great shopping adventure.

  7. Oh my stars, wish you had bought that crown for Belle a week earlier for when she took B’s newborn pics ;) I like Travis’ mistletoe the best!
    Mrs. K recently posted..All in a Day’s WorkMy Profile

  8. Sounds like you guys had a good date night with some shopping thrown in! Nothing like good conversation, good friends and good shopping!

    Hubs and I just bought some tall folding chairs that exactly match in color and height to our tall dining room table. What are the chances?? They were made in China but I am going to give them a good midwestern make-over! LOL

  9. I want all of your Christmas decorations. I should just send you some money and have you shop for me as well :). I used to love the deep reds and dark greens but now I am leaning more towards the creams, ivories, silvers, sparkles. I love everything that you found.
    Amy of while wearing heels recently posted..Get CozyMy Profile

  10. Fantastic finds but those chairs are my fav, fav, FAV!!! I’ve never seen such cute folding chairs! What a great find! Can’t wait to see your makeover :-)

    • Thanks Jennifer, I can’t decide for sure how to redo those chairs. I’ve considered trying to take the back part off too and put fabric there as well as on the seat. I was hoping to get them done for the Craft Market the 24th but I don’t thing I’m gonna make it. I want to take my time with them!

  11. awesome chairs great finds
    ARod recently posted..Thrifty CRYSTAL finds & updates to my mobile/portable fireplaceMy Profile

  12. Awesome finds!!! Love those chairs! :)
    Judy Ainger recently posted..One down, five to go!My Profile

  13. I’m just LOVING everything!! WOW!!! I’m so happy you do not keep your vow of not buying anything new for Christmas hehe GREAT stuff!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality!
    Christine recently posted..Thanksgiving Printables by Leen Machine Paper StudioMy Profile

  14. Jill I love those chairs what a great find. Your ornaments are so pretty also. Love the jeweled snowflake. I’m featuring you on Transformed Tuesday. Thanks so much for linking up. Hugs, Peggy
    Peggy-PJH Designs recently posted..New Uses For Old ChairsMy Profile


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