Christmas Seams

I finally got most of my Christmas Seams uploaded to etsy.  The things I’ve made that are for Christmas = Christmas Seams.

My girls usually like everything I make and want to keep it.  Lately they have asked if they can buy it!!

I love stockings.  I still have my first little red stocking.  Of course my taste runs more along these lines now – cream, white, and grey.  But I still love that little red stocking and the memories attached to it :)

Some of the stuff from this post is also now listed on etsy.

These are not listed on etsy yet but I’ve been dying to show them to you.  Five of them are made of grain sack ends!  I will share the story of them soon I hope.  I am trying to get my house completely decked out for Christmas and it is coming along very nicely!  I still have some stuff to find a place to store since coming home from the Craft Market.  And the laundry.  I cannot seem to get the laundry under control!  I think I’ve about got it and overnight it piles up again.  Can’t accuse this family of wearing the same clothes for more than a day that’s for sure!

And just because I couldn’t resist, here is a camera strap on a camera!  And now I have to get some sleep – lots more to do tomorrow!

If you haven’t entered the giveaway for the iPad mini yet go here to do so!

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Sew a Fine Seam


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      Thank you allison! I love them too. My Mom gave me a couple of the thick, chunky knitted ones from Lands End a couple years ago and I hang those on my stairway. Will have to blog my Christmas decor soon!

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      Isn’t the advent calendar fun Laura?! I made it last year for an event and then used it in my decor since it didn’t sell. Thought it would be a cute addition to my shop for the holidays even if it doesn’t sell!

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    Love your stockings. I have to sew some for my two new grandsons, too. I love that you still have your little red one. I think it is hysterical that your kids want to BUY your things. I say charge them double cuz you gotta feed them, too!;>) Have a great Friday, Jill- xo Diana

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      Thank you Diana! You are so right about charging them double!! Most of the money they have is allowance money and so technically I’d be buying my own stuff!! LOL!

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    That is so great that your girls are wanting to buy your stuff! You don’t even have to take your business out the door. heehee!

    Love the dress Miss Becca is wearing!!! Sniff, sniff. I just thought of that dress the other day. I didn’t know it was still around. I get attached. :) She looks darling in it.

    That camera is darling, especially with the camera strap!!

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    Can’t wait to see your decorations! Now, here’s an idea. Maybe you could pay your daughters to do the laundry (which they are in part creating anyway), THEN charge them for the things you were already going to make them that they love so much! Win/win! And the money comes right back to you! :)

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      Editing photos is on my list for this weekend Liz! I can’t wait to show you! I do already pay my oldest daughter to fold laundry. The problem with the kids buying my stuff – then it all piles up here!!! LOL!

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      Thank you Karianne! I love grey and white and cream! Sort of tempting to keep them all hanging right there – but most of the cream ones sold and have been shipped to their new home! Hope they are enjoyed very very much.

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    Love all the goodies that you sew! I’m so jealous of people like you to be able to do that. Maybe one day I’ll learn how. Love those beautiful sweater stockings you made too.

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