Please forgive me for not replying to your comments for a couple of days, and if I am rather scarce around your blogs too.  I am busy prepping the final stuff for ‘Not Your Mama’s’ Craft Market :)  Set-up is tomorrow afternoon and I have so much stuff in my dining room it looks like an episode of ‘Hoarders’.  No rats or trash though I promise!  I will be back as soon as I can with pics of the actual event.  My daughter is going and she can take pics if I don’t have time.  If you can make it to Marysville Ohio I’d LOVE to meet you!

Pricing is finished – finally!  Most of it I did yesterday, and finished up this evening after a couple of friends had brought their stuff to me that they made to help me fill my space.  It’s gonna be one full, fun, sparkly space!  You really need to see it in person 😉

I will leave you with some pics of a few of the things you will find in my set-up!  Come see me there if you can!

Have a great weekend!  Be careful out there on Black Friday 😉

Sew a Fine Seam


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      Thank you Leslie – I had a great day. Everything about it was just perfect, from the well-run show, to the massive amount of people who came through, to the contacts I made, sales I had, people who willingly helped – it was amazing!

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    Jill-Everything looks wonderful. It is all so bright and cheery looking. Not Your Mama’s Craft Sale? You mean there are NO crocheted geraniums or doll toilet paper holders? Oh My! How disappointing!!!;>) Good luck with your show- xo Diana

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      I just took a look at my pics on my camera – Travis took some, I took some and Emma took some. I think we have it well documented! Will share soon I promise – although thinking of all that editing makes me ready for bed 😉

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    Jill. I am in awe. You have created some really beautiful things. I am sure your booth is going to be a fan favorite. How could it not? I adore the fabric of the deer wearing the glasses…so cute. I hope you take lots of pictures of your full booth, set up perfectly because when the doors open, your stock is going to fly off the shelves :)

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      Awww Amy thanks! It was packed everywhere in the house as soon as the doors opened! I was very happy with my sales, my new friends, the well-run event, it was all just great! I have plenty of stuff left to stock etsy and spiff up my rather neglected little shop too! And I’m thinking I will have an open house at my home in a couple weeks. Got to get the Christmas bling all over first!!! LOL~!

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    Jill had to come look again bc I have been thinking of u off and on all day…in between taking care of sick people at my house..yuck! Love the bibs and birds btw….let me know if u have some left…I might need some =). Hope u r home or just about and cozily warming up with a good cup of something in your warm house!

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      Oh Angie :( I have been thinking about you a lot! Wondering how it was going. So sorry you have sick people there still. I was going to text you today and never got to it. Hope you are soon all well again. If you need anything let me know – I can get groceries or whatever you need.

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    I hope your event went well! I’m sure it did…everything looks great. I esp. {LOVE} those gray linen ottoman-poof-stools. Did you dye your linen or is that some of the stuff you texted me about? Either way, it’s a gorgeous gray. Thank you for the sweet note on my white hutch. I’ve been playing in faded pink since…well, for an hour. I hope you get to play a little more too!

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      It went really well Jamie! Tons of people came through that house! I sold several hundred dollars worth of stuff! I made some great contacts. The market was so well run – amazing people to work with – no way could they have been better!
      The black linen is actually a light weight linen from Jo-Ann’s. The linen I bought in Columbus is an oatmeal color and it washed up so beautifully! When I lay it on the oatmeal belgian linen I bought I can hardly see a difference. I will be sending you a sample of it soon! I have a little something for your daughter too :)

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    Gosh, it’s all so sweet! I want it all. The ornaments are wonderful and I love what you did with the globe. I’ve been wanting to paint the words to John 3:16 on my globe but haven’t gotten around to it. I think I like your idea better with the banner. Then it can be changed up. I may have to “borrow” your idea! Or ideas. You have so many good ones!

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      Hi Liz, thanks so much, you are so sweet! Painting on the globe would be cool too – you need a globe collection then you could do different stuff to each one! And ‘borrow’ away! Copying is the best complement!!

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    I hope everything went well! I know what you mean about the hoarder look. Yikes, I was shaking my head at my mess pre-show too! :/ It happens! I LOVE your ruffled ottomans. To die for. and your globe is so creative!! love that! Hope you’re off to a relaxing start to the week, I feel like I am just now getting caught up post show / Thanksgiving is over! whew! :)

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      Thanks Denise, it all went very smoothly and was a wonderful day! Not sure how relaxing this week will be but it has definitely gotten off to a start! My house doesn’t look much better – now the Christmas decor is out and piled everywhere while I try to get everything decked out!

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