Living a Dream

Living a dream?  I rush through my days – doing what has to be done, meeting deadlines, feeding my family, getting the kids through their school work, blogging, sewing, laundry, catching some sleep when I’m too exhausted to keep going.  Squeezing in piano practice.  Trying to remember that my kids might enjoy doing something fun now and then!

I look at other people I admire and think they have it so much more together. (they probably do!)  House always clean and neat.  Or blog numbers at a level that seems so cool but unattainable for me.  Or a business that looks to be bringing in a ton of $$.  Or all kinds of great craftiness going on.  Or decor to die for.  And I push harder, sure that ‘The Dream’ is just around the corner if I just try harder.

An email the other day stopped me in my tracks.  Made me sit up straight, grip my coffee cup harder, and really do some deep thinking.  The cyber conversation went something like this:

me:    and just a warning – my house is rather chaotic till after this event – I have stuff all over and can’t keep everything cleaned up!         So if she comes back and tells you my house is a mess she is right …

my friend:     as for your house… you stop right now!  it’s fine.. you are living a dream in my opinion..

I stopped.  Me?  Living a dream?  WOW.  Really?  I had to think about that for a bit.

And you know what?  She was right – I am.  But I have been so busy looking at what others have that I think is better, that I had forgotten to enjoy what I have and where I am right now!

So I am choosing to embrace and enjoy the chaos that reigns right now!  Because I AM LIVING A DREAM!  It might not be at the point I hope it will be someday, but I can enjoy th whole journey!  If the end I envision were dumped on me now I wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Some days I can hardly handle what I do have now 😉

I am choosing today to be thankful for the dream I am living.  For the beautiful children God has blessed me with.  For the wonderful family I have.  For the amazing friends I have.  And the overwhelming blog community that has welcomed and befriended me.

Thankful for the business opportunities that have opened up for me.

I am looking forward to wherever God takes this dream I am living!

Are you living a dream?   Or do you need to sit up and realize you are living a dream?

Thank you Angie, for showing me that I am living a dream and that I need to enjoy it!

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  1. Becky King says

    A very timely reminder, Jill, for this Thanksgiving season. So good when God sends us these little reminders through our friends and we can just stand back and look at all He has done and is doing for us and through us. Dad and I have often said, “All this and HEAVEN, too!” May our focus always be on HIM!

    • says

      I remember hearing you say that! I like that saying – might have to try to get that in a post this week. blogging is getting squeezed in around the cracks this week!

  2. says

    Amen! We get so busy rushing to the next thing, we forget to embrace the now. I struggle with this. And I always feel guilty when I stop and think about it. Because there is no promise about tomorrow. I just really struggle with the balance of doing what has to be done, yet embracing life too.

  3. says

    And I love all your crafts! Those stars are so cute! And of course I love the camera straps. And do I spy KNITTED stockings?! 😉 They’re beautiful!

  4. Angela says

    Ahhhh love ya my friend and love seeing your dream through your pictures! So fun and creative and COOL! Sure wish I was able to make it to this fun event you r planning for, maybe I could beg my hubby for an afternoon off! It would be Ouch on the pocketbook…such cute stuff! Blessings!

  5. says

    I think living your dream is such a blessing. I need to stop sometimes and realize just how lucky I am. I try not to compare where I am with where everyone else is…but it’s hard not to do. I so admire you and your talent. Happy Thanksgiving…your pictures are so awesome. Love the little star ornaments and of course the grain sack camera straps. :o) Have a great holiday with your family!

  6. says

    Oh-It is SOOO easy to get caught up in what everyone else seems to be doing so effortlessly, isn’t it? And want to DO MORE and BE MORE and REAP MORE REWARDS…but the truth is I think we are right where we are supposed to be no matter WHERE we are. Blessings to you- You are such a good soul! xo Diana

  7. says

    Jill!!! Your friend is totally right, you are living a dream. And it’s ok the not everything is perfect, even from my end… sure looks to be pretty perfect at your place :)

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality!

    • says

      Thank you Christine! I have been very blessed the past few months – have to focus on that instead of thinking it needs to be bigger and better! have a very blessed Thanksgiving!

  8. says

    You have some terrific little projects going on there! I can see you’ve been a busy bee! And LOVE those little star ornaments! Great Idea on the stool cover – it’s almost time for me to re-do my two. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. says


    You know I am your biggest fan, right? And after I read this post…..I know why. This is perfect and wonderful and so exactly how I feel!

    Thank you so much for blessing me today!

    • says

      Karianne – I can’t think of a better group of blog friends than the ones I have! That you are such a fan is so amazing to me! YOU are the great blogger here!!!

  10. says

    Such a great post and one I really needed to read right now! Recently, I have had many of the same thoughts go through my head. You are a very talented woman and I am very interested in what you do. I grew up around women with amazing sewing skills (mine are only mediocre) so I can truly appreciate your talent.

  11. says

    What a great perspective. How wonderful that your friend’s simple comment helped you see things in a new light. Just like you, I do feel like I am living the dream. It may not be the BIGGEST dream but I am really happy, I am being creative, I am meeting wonderful fellow bloggers and being inspired on a daily basis (in addition to all the blessings of my real life). I loved this post.

  12. Kellie says

    Yes, enjoy the journey Jill. Sometimes we get caught up in focusing on the end result and miss the small and wonderful moments that comprise the voyage.

    BTW – Is the deer with glasses a bunting? Is it going to Marysville?

      • Kellie says

        I am hoping to make it on Saturday. Assuming everyone is well here.

        What is the size of the penant and the individual triangles? I feel like it would work in so many areas of my house. 😉

  13. says

    you are right on the money girl! my post today falls in the same vein. it so easy to compare with others and be discontent and not even realize that people are looking at us in the same way! if only we could remember how truly blessed we are and GIVE THANKS to God for EVERYTHING!

  14. says

    Jill, I love this post, and I’m glad your friend opened your eyes to your dreamy life. Heaven knows the things you create bring a smile and sense of warmth, home and comfort to those who get to enjoy them. I am always amazed by your talent and the absolutely “to die for” things you whip up. You have “the eye” for creating the sweetest things and the ability to carry out that vision. I sit back and only wish I could do what you do. Enjoy your talents and your life. They look amazing from here!

    • says

      Thanks Liz! It has helped a lot to stop and realize that I can enjoy the life I am living right now instead of always looking for it to be something bigger or better. It really helps to see it through someone elses eyes now and then!

  15. Christina at I Gotta Create! says

    BEAUTIFULLY SAID!!! I’m living a dream, too and even with a less than perfectly ordered house. Thanks for the reminder.

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!
    Wildly Original linky party is open

  16. says

    Indeed my sweet friend…living a dream !
    A while ago my family and I were at the mall, sitting at a bench, the boys were licking ice cream cones, my daughter then a baby was in the stroller, hubby with his arms around me…and this old lady walked by and stopped right in front of us…looked at us and said “you are a millionaire family” and walked away. She will never know how much that meant to me to us…but I knew then how blessed I was to have us all there healthy, together loving each other….:) similarly, you are living a dream…xo
    beautiful post my sweet Jill.

    • says

      Lucy, that is the sweetest story and what a great picture it brings to mind! It helps so much to be reminded now and then that we are living a dream – it just looks different than another persons dream looks!

  17. says

    This is such a beautiful post Jill. I love what you wrote and I think it’s something all of us should think about, especially during this time of year. I think we all can get so busy with daily activities and the days just fly by and as diyer’s we are always thinking about what’s next on the list! This was good for me to read tonight :)

    • says

      Thank you Taryn, and thank you so much for your online friendship!! You are one of my favs!! I hope to meet you in real life someday – maybe we can go to the same blog conference sometime!

  18. says

    Love this, Jill! Something I’m sure we have all struggled with at some point! I know I did early on in my blogging and business. NONE of us have it all together, and many that look like they do, are running themselves ragged. I pinned a saying a month or so ago that said, “We need to stop glorifying busyness”. Isn’t that great?

    I’ve thought before about what God thinks when we start comparing, and trying to keep pace with others and their {seeming} accomplishments. I don’t think He digs it at all, because He made us each so unique!

    You are one talented gal, and there are lots of women who admire you and your gifts and talents. I am one of them. Just keep being you, and finding joy in all of your blessings. Comparison is the thief of joy. I do my best to not let that thief anywhere near me…still fall short sometimes, though, and then just become more determined for next time! :o)

    Thanks for sharing from your heart!
    Hugs, and wishes for a wonderful weekend!

    • says

      Thank you Becky, you are so sweet! It was such a good thing to have a friend tell me what it looked like from her viewpoint! And it also helps to write from my heart and put it out there. Not only does it help me but it helps others who feel the same way. Because who DOESN’T feel this way at some point!?!

  19. says

    Jill, I think all bloggers feel this way at times. Your blog is lovely and I adore all your creations. Thank you for linking to the Open House Party and I am a new follower. xo, Sherry

  20. says

    I’m really enjoy reading your blog. Looks like you have a great talent for sewing beautiful things. I will be following your blog for more inspiration and possibly purchasing from your Etsy shop too! Love those aprons you made.

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