Souvenir Magazine’s Holiday Issue is available for purchase as of today.  I received this text today – ‘Souvenir is out and you are in it!’

Several weeks ago Melaine from My Sweet Savannah emailed me and asked if I would send her a photo of the camera strap I had in my etsy shop.  She wanted to feature it in Souvenir.  Of course I sent her the photo pronto :)  And today she text me to tell me it is in there! I had already hopped online early this morning to buy a copy just in case my camera strap did indeed end up in there.   So I was really excited when I got the text.  Now I just have to wait till the magazine ships to see it!  I almost ordered the digital copy so I could see if it was there immediately.  But I knew I was going to want a printed copy and if I bought the digital copy I’d end up buying them both. Now I just have to make myself wait till the printed copy arrives and not let myself buy the digital copy too!!  :)

You can get a sneak peek of the magazine here.  It looks to be packed with wonderful Holiday goodness!  You might just have to buy yourself a copy!!

Sew a Fine Seam


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      Thank you Jenni – and I have not forgotten you! I have food in the freezer to bring you and a baby gift halfway put together!! I need to email you to see what works for you – might need to be after Thanksgiving though.

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    Jill! I am SO excited for you. THAT is really something…exciting and fun and makes all the effort you put into project worthwhile. I am proud of you, girl. xo Diana

  2. Arli says

    Fantastic news! So excited for you. I don’t know how you restrained yourself from buying the digital copy, but I’m sure you will be duly rewarded when you can actually hold the mag in your own hands!

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      :) Stacey I don’t blame you! I bought the printed version before I knew for sure my camera strap was in there. Had I known for sure I may have bought the digital just for the instant gratification!!! But I would have wanted the printed version too. So now I get to practice patience :)

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      Awww Pam you are too sweet! That would be completely overwhelming I think! I keep hoping we get things finished up around here so it would at least be photo worthy!

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      Thank you Jennifer! My magazine still hasn’t come yet! If I wasn’t so busy getting ready for the Craft Market this weekend I probably would have caved and bought the digital version too!

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