I tried ‘Flow Blue‘.  Loved it.  The color.  The paint.  Everything about it was awesome.  Next I tried ‘Tricycle’.  And did some more stenciling.  And antiquing.  And waxing.  And the results were the same.  Loved it.  I can’t say enough good stuff about Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint.  It is so much fun to use.  The colors are so rich and have such depth.  The antiquing wax and furniture wax are so easy to use.  The wax has a dry time of 3 to 5 minutes!! :) :) :)  And it buffs so easily.  Buffing was never my favorite part by any stretch of the imagination.  With MMS’s stuff I can actually enjoy the buffing part too. Well, almost enjoy it.  I am still glad when that step is all finished.

My potato bin started out with a little boy and girl painted on stained and varnished wood.  It was a wedding gift.  Several years ago I sanded the painting off and painted the whole thing black.  Back in the days when everything around here was getting a coat of black paint.  Well, not quite everything but I painted several pieces of furniture black.  I am very much over the black phase.  And I decided the potato bin was  a great piece to try out some Milk Paint.

I painted it with AS chalk paint first because I didn’t want the black coming through if the milk paint chipped.  I used Paris Grey chalk paint.  Then it sat in my kitchen for a couple of weeks till I got back to my painting projects.  There were a couple of spots of oil dripped on the front cover and on the very top.  Those places the milk paint chipped quite nicely!

I get so excited when the milk paint does its chippy thing!  So cool.

I added the No.3 stencil to the front of the bin and distressed it.  3 is one of my favorite numbers to detail with.  I have 3 girls :)

The flower stencil I really didn’t have planned.  Where the 2 flowers are stenciled together there was a large spot that chipped off.  I wasn’t in love with the look of just one spot like that but I couldn’t get the paint to sand off in other spots to make it suit me. (I need new sandpaper)  Emma wanted me to use the flower stencil that was sent as a free gift with the stuff I won from Royal Design Studio.  So I followed her advice and used the flower to cover the spot I didn’t like.  And then I added a couple more just for good measure.  It doesn’t necessarily look like something I would pick but it was a fun use of stencils and it’s cute.  And I have to add that ‘Tricycle’ is the best shade of red I’ve seen in a long time!  I used the antiquing wax and MMS’s furniture wax too.  All great products.

What do you think?

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  1. says

    Jill- That turned out great- Love the red. I haven’t tried the paint yet but it is nice to hear about the buffing part. I actually HATE that part of the process!!! xo Diana

    • says

      Yeah I was so glad to find out how easy the wax was! I think Annie Sloan wax can be easier if you put less wax on. I was using too much. I just worked on a project involving AS paint and wax and I worked hard at keeping the wax coats really thin. Buffing was much easier.

  2. Nic says

    Jill — love the color and the stencil. I haven’t started my son’s dresser but your project with the same color makes me excited to begin. I have decided not to paint it dark, I am just going to go for it!!

  3. says

    I love that you turned your ampersand from red to cream (it was cream, right?) and then you turn your potato bin to red. I love the addition of red to nearly anything. This is such a bright happy bold piece. The No. 3 is perfect and flowers really lovely.

    • says

      :) I will have to agree with you on this one Amy! Ironic huh?! My kitchen has red in it so the potato bin was the perfect piece to try the ‘Tricycle’ on. If the ampersand had fit somewhere in my space-challenged kitchen it’s life as a red ampersand might have been extended 😉

  4. says

    This is one of the prettiest reds I have ever seen. Great job. I am not much of a painter but I would love to try this milk paint after the holidays. No time at the moment! Have a great weekend…it’s almost here.

    • says

      It is the best red ever Ann! MMS did an amazing job with her colors :) And I cannot believe it’s weekend time again already! I’ve been so busy this week it’s just flown by.

  5. says

    That is so much better than the before I’m sure. I know what those old bins look like. Love the red. I like using her paints, too except for the mixing part. I have a couple of colors to open and use.

    • says

      :) It is better Kim! It was better black than it was with the painting on it but the black had seen better days! Since it’s tucked back in a corner you don’t see it much so I put off repainting it for quite a long time. Need to get at painting some other stuff in my kitchen. The black just didn’t wear well at all.

  6. says

    I think it looks awesome and I like the flower stencils. I had a good chuckle at your description and at remembering what it originally looked like. It would’ve gone well with the knitted t.p. covers. Laughing so hard!

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