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Christmas is just a few weeks away.  I refrained from counting the actual number of weeks because I’m still in denial that it is so few.  I have picked up a few things here and there recently to use as Christmas gifts but it’s all little stuff and really doesn’t put much of a dent in my shopping list.  I am becoming more and more of a fan of not going so all out at Christmas but that is a whole ‘nother topic!  Today I’m going to give myself – and you! – a bit of cyber retail therapy and link you to some Christmas gift ideas.

Remember these?  I used them as a hostess gift.  They are porcelain measuring cups made by Tag.  I have a set and I love using them.  I enjoy working in the kitchen so much more when my kitchen tools and gadgets are beautiful as well as functional.  You can purchase a set of these measuring cups here.  They also have them in ‘blueberry’ if you like a color instead of white.  Or this set in 4 different colors and a different shape.  Or if you like a bit of whimsy there is a set of measuring cups shaped like owls!

I have my eye on these Tag brand measuring spoons!  They could be tucked in a cute glass or jar and set on my open shelving.  Beautiful and functional.  And just look at THESE measuring cups I just discovered!  Talk about beautiful and functional!

Can you see my glass measuring cups on the top shelf?  I use these all the time and I love them.  They are grouped to the right on the top shelf in front of the white pitcher.  The middle measuring cup is vintage but the other two are from Anchor Hocking.  You can purchase them here and here.  Both of these have triple pour spouts.  The one to the right is 2 cups and has a handle.  The one to the left is 1 cup, has no handle, but includes a plastic lid.  These would make great gifts – beautiful and functional :)

MIDI Unbleached Cupcake Liners (75) - perfect for the 2 bite cupcake

Do you make muffins or cupcakes?  Know someone who does?  I love unbleached muffin liners.  They are also great to have on hand for birthday parties – you can put party favors or candies in these.  I love the look of the unbleached color and they always seem stronger too.  You can find these here or here.  I also like the looks of these – for muffins or to use for other purposes!

Love the look of stainless?  These canisters would be a delightful addition to any kitchen.

These clear canisters are really fun too!

These spatulas are my favorite.  I’ve been using Kitchen Aid brand for a few years – I am ready to purchase a new supply of Le Cruset.

Trademark Tools 75-500 Hawk Oversized 12-Inch Metal Storage Lock Box with Handle

Need storage?  This metal box is a fun industrial way to hide some clutter.

Metal baskets that mimic vintage locker baskets are another cute way to keep things neatly stashed :)

Farmers Market Ceramic Dozen Egg Holder

Surely every kitchen needs a beautiful and functional egg holder right?  This one would fit right in with my kitchen gadgets 😉

Vintage FRENCH LINEN TOWELS, hand towels set of 4, Gray/Black cotton with red, bleu and white stripes.

I love vintage linen for hand towels.  These would make a lovely addition to a kitchen or bathroom.

Natural Linen Bath Towel Set- Soft Laundered Linen - Color:  Natural Linen

Wouldn’t this set of linen towels be luxurious?!!

Natural Linen Bath Towel, Large Bath Sheet,  Huckaback, Gray Ecru Lighter Darker Stripes, for Spa, Sauna, Baby Care

This linen towel I really want to purchase!  Isn’t it lovely?  In fact, by the time you see this post this towel might not be available anymore.  I would probably end up repurposing it into something like a pillow or handbag – I’m just in love with the color and stripes!

Ok, I’m gonna have to stop!  I’m starting to find too many things I want to buy!

Do you have something functional AND beautiful that you use in your home?  Something you would like to have to use in your home?  I’d love to see it – send me a pic or a link!

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    I love the various measuring cups! I especially love that they are on Amazon. It is so easy to shop there.

    And thank you for the compliment on my bathroom. That was really nice and encouraging.

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