‘Flow Blue’

Whew, I’ve been MIA around here for so long I just about forget how to operate this blog!  Truly I didn’t mean to desert you so completely but there has been a lot going on around here the past few days.  If you have read here for very long, and if you have a very good memory, you might recall a mention now and then of a furnace installation that was supposed to be happening.  Prep for that has been in FULL SWING the past week – the actual installation is slated for Thursday.  I know you just cannot wait for some great photos of that 😉

I spent Friday and Saturday painting.  Finally!

My pile of paint and stuff-to-paint had been growing and I was quite tired of it all sitting in my dining room.  So Friday morning I started in, after fixing breakfast for my hubby who was home prepping for that furnace installation.  And after getting the kids started on school work.

This wood box was up first.  I already told you my shipment of milk paint arrived and I was so excited to use it.  I can’t believe how long it sat there before I got at it.  After watching MMS tutorials I decided to forgo the blender to get it smooth.  If Marian mixed it by hand I could surely at least give it a try 😉

I’ve never been a fan of the color blue.  But ‘Flow Blue‘ really stood out to me when MMS showed it off for the first time.  And it was one of the colors that found its way into my shopping cart when I was ordering milk paint.  And ‘Flow Blue’ became the color I tried first – I know, I know, you can’t believe I didn’t try out the white color I also bought.  I will, I will!  I have a BIG project coming up that I’m using ‘Grain Sack’ on.

I had several projects going at once, and just had to snap a photo of this open can of ‘Duck Egg’ ASCP beside the ‘Flow Blue’ MMS Milk Paint.  The milk paint went on this box beautifully.  I didn’t expect much chipping because the wood was rather rough and felt more like raw wood than painted wood.  I was overjoyed when I did get a tiny bit of chipping – yes I wanted my milk paint to chip – that’s one of the fun things about milk paint.  You can get that worn-for-years look with this stuff that you just cannot get with sanding and distressing by hand.  But you never know for sure when or if it’s going to do it.

See the streakiness as the paint was drying?  The depth of this paint is just awesome.  It doesn’t look streaky when it is dry but there is enough variation to give it a wonderful, rich depth.  Watch Marian’s tutorials for how to mix and use this paint.  No need for me to reinvent the wheel :)  The paint will be thin and runny – it won’t be thick like chalk paint or latex paint.  It is different – but a very good different.  A VERY VERY VERY good different.  I am in love.

Saturday morning this big monster came and made these glorious deep ruts in my front yard.  I was so excited to see him pull in.  Most beautiful yard ruts I’ve ever seen.  (I am thankful I’ve not done the landscaping I so badly wanted to do last fall!)

We have some very wonderful friends.  A couple of them who live not-so-far away were willing to come by at 8 Saturday morning to help with the concrete pour.  So late Friday night I made a batch of Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls.  Well, I only made half a batch – the rest of the dough is in the fridge waiting to be made.  Travis wanted me to go buy donuts early Sat. morning.  I decided Friday night that I would prefer to make cinnamon rolls to going out to buy donuts.  And since I had the stuff on hand I made them.  It only took till midnight and I had other stuff to finish up anyway.

Another thing that made my painting projects really fun is these great new stencils.  I won a giveaway for $50 towards whatever I wanted from Royal Design Studio.  The giveaway was hosted by Jennifer at Celebrating Everyday Life.  I was pretty excited when she emailed me to say I won!  I will be doing another post about this but I wanted to mention it here because I used a stencil on this ‘Flow Blue’ box.

The large wreath and torch stencil included this small wreath.  I think I could get carried away using this it’s just so cute!

And ‘Flow Blue’!!!  OH. MY.  I can’t say enough good stuff about this color!  And remember I don’t even like blue that well!  But this is in a whole different class all its own.  The wreath I painted in ASCP ‘Duck Egg’.  I also used MMS antiquing wax on the whole thing.  That stuff is awesome too!  It soaks into the paint and wood and is so subtle.  Way different to use than ASCP dark wax but again, it’s a good different!

I am really liking this pop of blue with my all white.  I didn’t paint the box intending to keep it though, so I may have to find something else to paint ‘Flow Blue’.  I’ll share with you real soon the details about the event I’m doing!  Emma informed me when I was finished with this, “It’s gonna sell, Mom”!!  Great praise from a 13-year-old!

What do YOU think of ‘Flow Blue’?  Are you a fan of the color blue?  What color of milk paint would you like to try?

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  1. says

    Yes, yes! I love it. I think the antiquing wax did the trick and made the color better and deeper. Now that you have that under your belt you can paint anything. I’d love to see you paint something with it that does the “chipping” thing. Makes each project a sort of mystery waiting to be unearthed. Good luck with your projects!

    • says

      Thanks Liz! I want to do something that really chips too. I have a small project on the go in tricycle and I think I may have discovered a way to force the chipping!!

  2. Melanie says

    Do I like blue? Oh yes! Blue is MY COLOR! (and pink – but you didn’t ask that, did you?) HOWEVER- I like the soft hazy blues, the gray blues, warm blues – no bold colors for this girl! – I LOVE the duck egg! So what are you doing with those clay(?) jars? Can’t wait to see! Blessings~

    • says

      Duck Egg is awesome Melanie! I also have Antoinette which is a really pale pinkish color. You might like that one too! I haven’t decided what to use it on yet! The clay jars are for our building at Vineyard Fellowship. They don’t match the decor scheme very well so I painted them. Hoping to maybe get them in place this week :)

  3. says

    The box turned out awesome! I agree-it’s going to sell. And I love the blue. I would’ve never said that blue was one of my favorite colors, but there are certain things and certain blues I really like.

    I’m glad you’re having so much fun with our paint. You’ve really got me wanting to try both kinds!

    • says

      :) i’ll have to bring some of each next time I come. I know Matthew would love it if we painted something with milk paint and it did its chippy thing a whole bunch!!!!!

    • says

      Thank you Yelle, this was such a fun project! I keep looking around for something else I can paint flow blue!! Going thrifting Wednesday so maybe I can find some fun new stuff!

  4. says

    Flow Blue is one of the colors I ordered too (from the giveaway I won). I don’t have those yet. I BOUGHT Tricycle and THAT has arrived! I’m a little nervous to try it out. . . I’m waiting for the colors I won to arrive – the project I have in mind for the red is BIG and I want to try out some of the others first. . . I also BOUGHT both waxes, and the hemp oil.
    I see that you have the fancy brushes. . . are they great?

    • says

      Breida, I’m thinking you will love the flow blue as much as I did! I have a project going with tricycle – it is such a beautiful shade of red! i am going to put the antiquing wax on it and I need to help the chipping along a little with some sanding but I should be ready to show it to you soon! I bought the cream wax and hemp oil too. only thing I didn’t get was the crackle stuff I think. oh and I still need a few more colors – teehee! I LOVE Annie Sloans brushes. I think quality brushes are so worth it. I did use a cheap natural bristle brush on my Mom’s brick and I used it with the milk paint and really liked it. didn’t try my AS brush on the milk paint.

    • says

      Thank you Pam :) Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls are the absolute best! A friend of mine says her Mom also adds a cup of heavy cream to the bottom of the pan before laying the cinnamon rolls in the pan. I haven’t had cream around but if I ever do I am thinking about trying it! My friend says if you are already eating all that fat and sugar might as well have a little more!! LOL

  5. Nic says

    I love the box you painted! I am not a fan of blue either but love that color. I ordered MMS tricycle and it just came in the mail yesterday. I am going to paint my son’s furniture with it. Can’t wait to get started!!

    Did you have any rolls left?? They look YUMMY!

    • says

      Thanks Nic! You are going to love the tricycle – it’s a wonderful red. I have a project on the go with tricycle – need to do some sanding and then I am using the antiquing wax. There was one cinnamon roll left at the end of the day – my hubby claimed it for breakfast Sunday morning! I do have more dough in the fridge I need to get made this week!

  6. Nic says

    I don’t know what your project is but are you planning to sand prior to painting? My son’s furniture is a light wood — probably from the 50’s and I don’t want to get rid of it as I could probably drive a truck over it and it would survive! So it’s perfect for a little boy’s room. Should I paint it dark to try and distress it or just wing it? Any idea’s or thoughts?? Suggestions appreciated!!

    • says

      You don’t need to do any sanding first. I am sanding some of the red paint off to distress because it didn’t chip as much as I would like. If you don’t want the light color of the finish coming through you might want to add the bonding agent that will keep it from chipping. If it were me i’d try it without the bonding agent and see how it does. if it chips more than you want it to or if you don’t like the look you can add the bonding agent and give it another coat of paint! If you know you want a dark color under the red showing through then I would paint the furniture a dark color first – use a semi-gloss you will have more luck with getting some chipping than with a flatter paint. or you could sand the finish off and put a dark stain on it first and then paint with the red paint. email me a pic of it when you are done I want to see it! Or do you have a blog you will show it off on?

      • Nic says

        Jill — thanks for your suggestions. I think I am going to try and paint it and without sanding or staining and see how it goes. If I don’t like it, I will try the bonding agent.

        I don’t have a blog, I just read them! I will let you know when I am done — I hope it’s this year!! LOL

        Have a fabulous day!!

  7. Becky King says

    How funny that blue has been my favorite color all my life and neither of my daughters like it very well. I’m glad you both like the blue box. So do I!! And the stencil adds its own flair. Your projects all look great, Jill. And the rolls look like they were as delicious as ever.

    • says

      It is funny Mom, I think it’s the fact that we HAD to wear blue every day for so many years. If Pathway had not set that color code in the dress code I wonder if our outlook on blue might not be a bit different!

  8. says

    Blue is my all time favorite color so of course I love your new box…I have to admit though that is was the picture of the cinnamon rolls that really got my heart racing! Oh my gosh they look divine. Good job!

    • says

      :) Thanks Karen! It is fun to branch out!! I really need to get a booth somewhere to sell my furniture and handmade stuff in so I can really branch out and fulfill my need to create new stuff! I can’t put ALL of it in my house! i went thrifting today and got some great new stuff! A new chair for me!! I’m really liking it – it needs a redoux but it will work well for now till i get to it. I do have another chair half torn apart to reupholster! hoping hubby can give me some help soon!

  9. says

    No wonder we haven’t seen any posts from you recently. You have been BUSY. And, as usual, you are busy creating beautiful things. I love your infusion of blue. That turned out lovely. The stencil that you added is perfect. Best of luck with the new furnace.

    • says

      Ah, Amy, I love your comments! I need to show you the rest of the stuff I’ve been painting but I’ve been too busy to edit pics and get more posts done! i went thrifting all day today and I am beat. After the kids are in bed I may try to get a post done :)

    • says

      Jaime, you are making my face get all red! I just really enjoy a lot of different things!! It would be so fun to get together and do some crafting! I have some I need to be doing!

  10. says

    Of course I click over and I land here! I just love everything you do, seriously. The color is beautiful. I always freak out when I think of adding color, but I might actually be able to do this, it’s really pretty. Thank you so much for linking up with us!

  11. says

    I will be doing a little bit of painting myself today – just gloss painting though in white – nothing too exciting. I do have lots of DIY projects to get started on though :)

    Your planter does look gorgeous – I’ve never heard of milk paint before.

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  12. says

    Loved your box! Thanks for linking it up to my party. Stop by tomorrow and see it featured! Grab a “House Featured” button too! Hope you can join in again this week.
    House on the Way

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