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If you read this post about my ‘new’ sweater, you know that we had dinner-in-the-garden with friends Friday night.  After a massive wind/rain/lightning/thunder storm had moved through leaving lots of people out of electric, the evening turned out lovely.  Temps had dropped from the 100 mark to in the 60’s.  The plants and grass seemed to sigh with the new life they were receiving from the blessing of moisture.  It was a great evening to be out in the yard.  With friends.  Without the kids!  I promise to post some pics of the evening very soon.  They are still on my camera and you know how bad I can be about getting them off the camera.  For now I will share the hostess gift I took to my friend, Kara, who was our lovely hostess.

Since I didn’t have a clear bag that was big enough to put the gift in, I used 3 vintage clear bags from my stash.  I cut them all open down both sides and spread them out flat and fastened them together, where they overlapped each other, with double sided tape.

Then I placed the gift, a set of china measuring cups, in the center with some white shred under them.

Here is the whole set.  I have a set like this that my sister gave me.  You can also find a set of them here!  I love mine – they look great sitting on my open shelving in my kitchen and they are fun to use.  I have been slowly collecting kitchen utensils and tools that are not only functional but beautiful too.  But I was showing you a hostess gift and how I wrapped it.  Sorry, I get sidetracked easily.

I simply brought all the clear wrap up around the measuring cups and tied it with some twine.  And added a cardboard tag that I had stamped with some of my Cavallini stamps.

And there you have it.  Quick and easy.  I had everything on hand.  I bought several sets of these measuring cups to have on hand for just an occasion like this.  I hope she enjoys them as much as I enjoy mine.

What have you given as a hostess gift?  What is the favorite hostess gift you have received?

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    Hostess gifts are so fun! And I am all about pretty and functional! Not that all my stuff falls in that category-not by a long shot! :) Love your detailing on the packaging.

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    Two of my favorite bloggers at one dinner? Lucky girls! I love that hostess gift! I just mentioned to my hubby that I desperately need a second set of measuring cups. I will have to bookmark that set!

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