Kaleidoscope of things that have made up my life lately.

My Mom’s flowers.

Little Sister.  My Baby.

Laying hardwood floor.

Homemade Bread.  (Yes I made it.  Please don’t die of shock.)

My Baby.  Again.

And Again.

And yet again.  She likes to pose.

Fun with editing.

Chickens.  Not mine, I still live in town.

Lambs.  So cute and sweet!

Sidewalk art.

Fun Fabric.

Time spent with my Mom and my Grandma.


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    I haven’t been here for awhile! Love your new blog look. And the hands…wonderful memories! It’s fun to see other moms raise 3 girls :)

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      What a blessing for you moms with several girls! Not that I would trade my kiddos ever! I do feel a little twinge of sadness now and then that my daughter doesn’t have a sister! But, she has three girl cousins! :)

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    Treasure that picture with the hands, I never knew either of my grandmothers and increasingly I am seeing my mother’s hands in my own. Little Sister is not looking so “little” anymore. Tell her I said to kindly stop that, please and thank you. Happy day!

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      Amazing the ways we see our Moms in us huh? And I know Little sister isn’t very little anymore! I’m gonna have to find new blog names:( What ever will I come up with?!

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