Industrial Cart Gets a New Home

If you read here now and then you know I recently ‘decluttered‘.  If you looked closely at my photo of the pile you may have noticed an old metal serving cart.  I bought it at a school auction planning to use it for a microwave cart.  Then a week later at another school auction I found another old cart that worked even better for my kitchen.  And the second one was much cheaper.  So I thought maybe I’d sell the first one.  But I kind of really liked it.  So it was stored for awhile and I tried to come up with a use for it.  Then I used it in my sewing room for awhile.  Not a good idea. It always looked messy.  The cart ended up in the declutter pile.  Then when I was trying to consolidate the pile and find a place to store a lot of it till garage sale time, I had an idea.

The living room?  An old industrial cart?  Why YES OF COURSE!! I’ve been wanting an industrial touch in my living room!  The basket was in the declutter pile too.  I’ve had it for years and I still like it a lot.  But for quite awhile it had been sitting in a pile not being used.  When I was consolidating my declutter pile I slid the basket onto the cart and a lightbulb went off in my head.  I could use the two together!  And there you have it.  I need to paint the pole on my dress form – I’m so not a maroon lover.

I have liked the look of fun magazines all stacked up on other blogs but never had a good spot to do it myself.  Now I do :)

I also added some of my vintage yard/meter sticks to my living room decor.

What have you done lately with vintage stuff??

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  1. says

    I’m always amazed when someone finds one of these. I look and look to no avail. What you’ve done with it does a great job of making it looked styled and not cluttered. The basket was such a great choice to mix textures. Fun to see what you did with it all. I found this post at Knick of Time’s Vintage Style party.


  2. Sue says

    What a good thing it was that you kept this beauty! It’s both decorative AND functional. Wiah I had more yard sticks- I’ll be looking for some on my yard sale excursions. :-) Sue

  3. Amber Hamilton Henson says

    Great use of contrast!! The industrial, shiny metal juxtaposed with the basket and natural elements is great! I’m still really new to blogging… Stop by and see my new BELT CHAIR tutorial if you have minute, perhaps? Thanks! ~Amber

  4. says

    I only wish I was “doing” anything with my vintage items. It’s time to stop finding new ones and get the ones I have into some sort of order and provide them a reason for “being”. The basket was a wonderful solution to your cart dilemma. The textures go nicely together and you get some hidden clutter. Nice. Hope you’ll stop over for a visit to Quirky Vistas sometime.

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