Homemade Organic Cherry Pie

homemade organic cherry pie

If you follow me on IG you may have seen my pics of the cherries we recently picked from my Mom and Dad’s cherry tree. I remember when that cherry tree was planted – I was just a young girl. My brother and sister climbed the tree some if I recall correctly, I played in it a time or two, and my girls have climbed and played in it. It’s seen a lot of years, weathered quite a few storms, and has been broken and buffeted by the winds. A couple years ago the biggest part of it broke off in a storm and we figured we’d seen the last of the fruit from that tree. My Dad cleared away the broken part and left the scraggly bits that were left, and lo and behold, this year that tree produced its heart out.

Giveaway – Sew a Fine Seam is 3

home t-shirt with state

Yesterday I posted my first post in my ‘Business is Bliss’ series to celebrate that ‘Sew a Fine Seam’ as a business has turned 3 years old. Today I’m continuing to celebrate by bringing you a fun giveaway!

Sheet Metal – Project Challenge #6

sheet metal project challenge

Project #6! We are halfway through 2015 my friends – WoW. This months challenge was to use sheet or corrugated metal somehow in a project. At first I was thinking corrugated metal because I love the look. But I didn’t want to buy a large piece of corrugated or sheet metal for a small project and I didn’t ever take the time to shop and see if they sold it in small pieces.

So earlier this week I announced to my hubby that it was time for another project challenge and I needed some sheet metal. Could I ‘pretty please’ use a piece of the flashing he’d been using when he re-shingled our small porch roof? He was less than thrilled. He wasn’t quite finished with the roof and somehow when I asked for ONE piece of flashing he immediately multiplied that by however many pieces of flashing he had left and was convinced I planned to use ALL of it. But he DID have a roll of aluminum somewhere I could use.

Fridays Unfolded Link Party


Fridays Unfolded Link Party time!

I missed posting last week due to an unending project that is about to put me permanently in the insane asylum. This week, though the unending project is still incomplete, I am taking time away from it to regroup, post Fridays Unfolded, get my post ready for this months Project Challenge (it will be up on the blog TOMORROW and it’s a pretty cool one if I do say so myself), clean my house, and do some fun, creative stuff.

Summer Blessing Giveaway

SBG lg

Good Morning Peeps! I hope the past week has been blessed for you. Today I have a fun giveaway to share – a Summer Blessing Giveaway! I’ve teamed up with a few other bloggers to bring you this blessing. Giveaways are so fun to host – it’s fun to be able to give something away that will bless someone and bring joy and excitement to their day.

Summertime Porch Decor – and a Blog Hop!

vintage metal time card slot

Hello Peeps! Today I’ve got a fun little Summertime Porch Decor to share with you. It involves a bit of crafting, a vintage metal find, an old birdcage, and a bit of paint. Nothing dramatic or difficult about this, but it gives a bit of fun to our outdoor decor for the summertime months.

To make it fun and exciting, there is a blog hop involved here today too! I have several blog friends I’ve teemed up with to bring you a ‘Dose of DIY’, and you get loads of DIY fun :) At the end of this post you will find the links to the other bloggers and you can hop on over to see their Summertime Door/Porch decor.

Best Guacamole Ever

best guacamole ever - includes reciep!

It’s summertime – time for one of my favorite foods – guacamole. And it’s time to share this post again because this stuff is just so good you all really need to make this pronto! It really is the best guacamole ever! If you grow your own herbs you cilantro is probably doing great and is all ready to be added to a batch of this yumminess. If you have tomatoes planted, plant some new starts/seeds of cilantro so you have fresh cilantro and fresh tomatoes at the same time.

Fridays Unfolded


Fridays Unfolded link party has been postponed. I did however, choose some favs from last weeks party to share with you. I’ll pick a few more next week to share when we post the link party again! Have a wonderful weekend – I’m spending mine making lemonade out of a huge bushel of lemons life has handed down to me this week. Prayers would be appreciated.

Jewelry Display – Project Challenge 5

jewelry display for events and sales made with an old window and fencing

Project Challenge time again! This month our item to use was ‘fencing’. I’ll be honest, I was quite stumped on what to do for this one.

I had lofty dreams of making something completely new and different than anything already out there. But those lofty dreams stayed just that – dreams. I didn’t come up with anything breathtakingly amazing but I did make something I needed and my daughter is pretty happy with it.