Best Biscuits Ever

best biscuits ever - made with lard

I’ve always had issues with making biscuits. They never turned out quite like I wanted them. Not fluffy enough. Not light and tall and delicious.

My hubby can make some pretty delicious biscuits but I never could get them right. I think his secret was the cold butter. He’d spend the time it took to cut that cold, hard butter into the dry ingredients and then take the even more time it took to gently mix the liquids in and not over mix.

I tend to excel more at things I can throw together quickly and don’t have to be extremely careful with. When it involves taking a lot of time, moving slowly, and being patient, I don’t do so well :D

Project Challenge#2 Thrifted Skirt turned Handbag

project challenge 2 thrifted skirt turned handbag

know February is the short month of the year, but did it blow by in a blink or an eye or what? I hope as it heads on out it takes this bitter cold with it. And the snow. The snow can go anytime now. To be replaced with green grass. Please. If I ask nice maybe it will happen.

It’s time for Project Challenge #2! Remember last month? I told you I was joining up with some other great bloggers in a monthly project challenge. Each month the project is made with a different item. This month the category is

$5 or less thrifted, craigslist, or roadside find.

Fridays Unfolded

porch spindle arrows

I’m late today. So Fridays Unfolded is late. I’m sorry. I was gone all day yesterday – a friends birthday outing and then a date night with my hubby because all three of our girls were gone for the night. And when that happens you grab the opportunity and go with it – regardless of what else needs doing :D

Today I spent helping my Mom sort and sift through things at my Grandma’s.

And now I’m home, bundled up in layers, with my UGG boots on my feet, furnace pumping hot air through the house, and I’m hoping to get this blog post finished and hit the ‘publish’ button before I fall asleep. Getting out and about in this frigid weather wears me out in a hurry!

Here are some favs from last weeks party.

NOT Just Another Pillow Maker

sew a fine seam pillows-9

3 years ago I was toying with the idea of a business – a business where I could make things to sell and perhaps have a bit of spending cash, and help pay the grocery bill. And for the braces we were putting on our oldest and knew we would have to put on our other two as well.

I had some leftover items from my very first pop-up shop event, so I opened an etsy shop and loaded it up.

I wasn’t sure what all I wanted to offer in my shop on a regular basis.

The Lord of Heaven’s Armies

water 1

“But now, listen to me, Jacob my servant, Israel my chosen one.

The LORD who made you and help you says: Do not be afraid, O Jacob, my servant, O dear Israel, my chosen one.

For I will pour out water to quench your thirst and to irrigate your parched fields.

And I will pour out my Spirit on your descendants, and my blessings on your children.

Read More…



Today I have something really fun to share with you!

A friend of mine has this cool new business called TINbox™.

Fridays Unfolded

best sugar cookies

It’s frigid here today. -2°F this morning. The sun has been shining though and the temp is up to 7° now. Downright balmy I tell ya :D

Thankfully it’s only 40 days till April. By April the cold days are numbered and Spring really is on the horizon. And we can start outdoor projects again – YAY!

This week I shared that my daughter turned Sweet 16, How-to on Rewiring a Vintage Lamp, and a Flower Shaped Ottoman I slipcovered – tutorial included.

And now it’s your turn. What unfolded for you this week?

A Flower Shaped Ottoman – Slip Covered

Flower Shaped Slip Covered Ottoman

Maybe it won’t seem exactly flower shaped but I couldn’t think what other shape to call it – it certainly isn’t square or round or rectangle :D So a flower shaped ottoman it is – and I made not one, but 2 slipcovers for it.

Rewiring a Vintage Lamp

how to rewire a vintage lamp

I have a thing for lamps. All cool lighting really. Somehow I’m drawn to it. I see lamps at thrift stores or garage sales and think how cool they could be fixed up.

I tend to buy them and then not know for sure what to do with them, or just not get around to doing anything and then they stack up. Please tell me I’m not the only one that does stuff like that?

Sweet 16

beccalarkeemma (2 of 11)

16 years ago today I was lying in a hospital bed, contentedly holding and gazing at my tiny, new daughter. Miss Emma Kate graced us with her appearance after putting her mother through more than 27 hours of labor. Funny how a mama completely forgets how exhausted she is and the pain she’s just been through when that baby is placed on her chest and those tiny eyes search out mama’s eyes and the cries calm just from mama’s presence

A Wholesale Biz I Never Saw Coming

Old Sciota House of Design (22 of 30)

I’ve hinted at it here, I’ve shared a few pics. If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen my pillows here and there more than on the blog. But mainly I’ve just been so busy and so in-a-state-of-amazement that this his happening that I’ve not shared with you the details of the direction my business has taken.

I still find it a bit surprising that I’m actually a business woman. And entrepreneur.

(I may finally feel comfortable with the label entrepreneur when I can actually spell it right without having to spellcheck it :D )

So. I now have a wholesale biz I never saw coming. Seriously. Wholesale was never even on my radar. I started out trying to sell my handmade items and added vintage finds to that. I had an etsy shop and I went to a few pop-up shop events. (more details on the way the it all evolved coming soon)

And somehow along the way something amazing happened. Other shops loved my stuff. And they wanted to carry it in their shops.

And a wholsale biz was born, a wholesale biz I never saw coming.

Fridays Unfolded


This week has flown by! Time to see what has unfolded for everyone this week. I didn’t post much – life and family took up my time. I showed you my living room with its Valentines decor, and that’s all you got :D I do have a post in the works that just didn’t get to the ‘publish’ stage about how I rewired some vintage lamps. It will arrive on the blog next week. And tomorrow you can look for a post about a shop that is carrying my pillows – it’s a great shop and the owner has become a great friend of mine. So make sure you come back.

And now – TADA! Tis time for Fridays Unfolded

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