Paint Couture! Glaze

wood airplane makeover with paint-3

Thanks so much to all of you who left comments on my Mom’s kitchen makeover! It was fun to read each one and I’ll be replying to each of you soon.

Today I want to share a bit more with you about the paint line I am carrying – Paint Couture! – yes that exclamation point is part of their name. I love that they used Couture as part of the name and it’s so fun that I get to carry and use this paint – it goes so well with Sew a Fine Seam. I have used the term couture for my sewing tutorials – couture snippets.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Painted with Milk Paint

milk paint on custom kitchen cabinets

My Mom has a brand-new kitchen. And I am so in love with it I can’t stand it! Isn’t it gorgeous?! I love the white – I’m sure you knew that – and I’m so happy my Mom picked white for her kitchen. I have to chuckle just a little because she’s always been a wood lover, and has refinished some beautiful antiques over the years.

But when it came time to decide what she wanted for her new, custom-built kitchen, thanks to my influence and Pinterest, she chose white. :)

When she decided she wanted them painted I was thrilled because I love white painted cabinets. One night when I was unable to sleep the thought hit me that if she wanted those cabinets white they should be painted with milk paint. The cabinets would be custom made in a cabinet shop and the wood would be raw wood. Milk Paint is PERFECT on raw wood.

I pitched the idea to her and after she thought about it awhile she agreed.

And so not only does my Mom have a new kitchen, she has Custom Kitchen Cabinets PAINTED with Milk Paint!

I’ve been MIA and Fridays Unfolded

white roses and a large trophy cup decor

Hi Peeps! I’ve been MIA this week and I totally didn’t mean for that to happen. I have some really fun stuff to share with you – including my Mom’s finished kitchen – but life just keeps happening and I haven’t had the time. I decided to get a bit of sleep each night after the busy-ness of each day instead of updating the blog. I hope you forgive me?!!! :D

Rocking Horse Makeover

rocking horsemakeover with Paint Couture paint, glaze, and metallic DIY

Today I am introducing the paint line I am now carrying in my shop. Due to some issues that arose with the line I had been carrying I had to drop it. Fortunately I was able to bring an even better paint line on board and I’m having so much fun with this stuff. I’ve honestly never been so excited about a paint line and all the stuff that goes along with the paint. There are glazes, lacquer, gilding wax, metallics. So many great products and also a wonderful company to work with. I’m blessed to have been handed this opportunity.

I’m also sharing this cute little rocking horse makeover. I found him at a consignment shop. It is a heavy paper mache and the lines are great, but the color just wasn’t getting it for me. My husband was with me when I bought it and I could tell from the look on his face he couldn’t understand AT ALL why I was buying it. But I had a vision and I knew I could make it great.

Fridays Unfolded

egg wreath

It’s been raining and raining here – the creeks are out of their banks, the ground is soggy and muddy, and they skies continue to roll in the black clouds, complete with thunder and lightening. I’m hoping for some sunshine soon!

This week has been BUSY. I’ve been busy with painting furniture, creating more pillows, and all the normal everyday life stuff. And the week flies by so quickly! It’s time for Fridays Unfolded again already – here’s my favs from last weeks party.

Hand Me Down Husband – a book review

hand me down husband - book review

Today I have a (affiliate link)book review for you. A book called Hand Me Down Husband. It took me a bit longer to get this up than I meant for it to – I pre-ordered the book and read it as soon as it arrived in my mailbox. But then I loaned it out before I took pics of it. So I’m just now getting to it.

Fridays Unfolded

how to style a table

We’ve had some spring weather this week! YAY for running outside without spending 10 minutes putting on coats and gloves and hats and scarves and boots – and then one more layer to keep the bitter cold at bay!

Since our last Fridays Unfolded I’ve shared another project challenge – this one involved Linen and Leather. If you missed it you should check it out – and all the other great projects in the challenge!

I also shared my Union Jack Inspired Bread Box Makeover – I’m still loving the metallic paint in this one! I’m rather fond of the metallic trend – you may notice that in the favorites I picked from last weeks party :D

And then I shared about The Novice and The Professional – check out all these
posts if you missed them.
Fridays Unfolded – here’s my favs from last week – link your posts up below.

A Novice and A Professional

how to make a pillow with an envelope closure - tutorial

I recently connected with another blogger, Jillian from I am a Homemaker, who wants to be a seamstress. She received a sewing machine for Christmas and was determined to use it.

Every time I write a sewing tutorial I wonder if it’s written in a way that a beginner can follow it and create what I’ve done. When you’ve been sewing for 30+ years it’s easy to forget how a beginner needs to start. There are a lot of techniques I’ve learned over the years that I didn’t do as a beginner and wouldn’t have wanted to have to try to do as a beginner!

So Jillian and I came up with a plan. She would be the novice and I would be the professional.

She would follow my tutorials and give me feedback and ask questions about anything she didn’t understand. And then she would share on her blog her own tutorial for how she did it and how it went for her.

Linen and Leather ~ Project Challenge

leather and linen craft-16

Project Challenge #3

Here we are again! 6 bloggers, 6 projects, 1 theme. This month’s theme is Linen and/or Leather. And yes, this category is one I suggested. Bet that makes you really surprised :D

I’m rather excited about what I came up with to incorporate both textiles. And the other projects look so fun and wonderful too! Make sure to check out the other 5.