Linen and Leather ~ Project Challenge

leather and linen craft-16

Project Challenge #3

Here we are again! 6 bloggers, 6 projects, 1 theme. This month’s theme is Linen and/or Leather. And yes, this category is one I suggested. Bet that makes you really surprised :D

I’m rather excited about what I came up with to incorporate both textiles. And the other projects look so fun and wonderful too! Make sure to check out the other 5.

Fridays Unfolded

the ironstone nest painted dresser before and after

Fridays Unfolded – here’s my favs from last week – link your posts up below.

And come back tomorrow for this month’s PROJECT CHALLENGE reveal! We are adding a link-up with this one! The category this month was Linen and/or Leather so any project you have that includes either or both of those you can come link up!

Industrial Light Update

industrial light bathroom udate

Our bathroom is getting a makeover.

It’s high time. I cannot believe how fast walls need repainted and repairs need made. We installed the bathroom in the main floor in our home several years ago. From bare studs, gutted walls, we added insulation, framed in a wall between the new bathroom and laundry area, basically built a new bathroom from the ground up. From the floor up anyway.

And now it’s time for some repairs and updates already.

When someone tells you that what you build today you will rebuild all over again in 30 years or less, believe them! When you own a home the work on it is never ending.

Anyway, today I’m sharing my Industrial light update. I am really really liking it!

Upcycling a Plain Burlap Wreath for Spring

burlap spring wreath upcycle for spring diy craft

Who doesn’t love a good sale? I especially love after-christmas-sales, but I don’t tend to brave the crowds the day after Christmas. I wait a day or two (or 5 or 9) and see what might happen to be left over, missed by the mad rush to get the best goods. Sometimes I find treasures, sometimes not.

This past after-christmas-season, I was at Lowe’s and they still had several large burlap wreaths left, marked 70% off. I got this large beauty for $5.

I stashed it in my workroom to create something fun, and this is what I came up with.
Upcycling a Plain Burlap Wreath for Spring

DIY German Glass Glitter Bunny Garland

Glass Glittered Bunnies-10

I’m excited to share this simple, but fun and bling-y little project with you.

I love glitter – but not just any glitter. I love German Glass Glitter.

This particular GGG is from Miss Mustard Seed, but I have a new glitter to share with you very soon – and I will be selling this one myself! It’s pretty amazing and I’m excited to have it to share with you in the very near future.

Black, White, and Gold Slip Covered Chair – Best of DIY

black and white and gold slipcovered chair-1

DIY projects.

I’ve done them for years and years. Before it was called DIY, and before DIY was a blogging niche, and before it was the ‘in’ thing to do!

Today I get to share with you a #BestofDIY project – along with 24 other bloggers – we’ve teamed up to bring you our best and to link together so you can click through to see them all.

Fridays Unfolded

MyLove2Create, Decorative Triangle Tray Tutorial pin

Fridays Unfolded – here’s my favs from last week – link your posts up below!

DIY Easter Egg Pennant Banner

DIY easter egg banner tutorial

Pennant banners are one of the easiest things to sew and making them for Easter is a fun craft project.

I’ve got a DIY Easter Egg Pennant Banner tutorial to share with you today!

Fridays Unfolded Link Party

cottage dining room makeover

I’m late with Fridays Unfolded today – my blog was down for maintenance for awhile last night and today was a busy day and I’m just now getting time to get this together.

Spring is finally arriving – so nice to feel some warmer temps, even thought he wind is still chilly.

Here are some favs from last weeks party. Not as many as normal since I’m running behind!

how to make a pillow with an envelope closure

how to make a pillow with an envelope closure - tutorial

A pillow is one of the easiest and fastest sewing projects, and is great for beginners. My nine year old recently agreed to learn to use the sewing machine and her first project was a pillow. She likes to sew by hand but has been a bit afraid of the machine up until now. Might have something to do with the fact that the machine is almost as big as she is? :D I need to dig out my old machine for her – it’s smaller and much less intimidating for a beginner.

Anyway, I decided it was time to share a tutorial on how to make a pillow with an envelope closure. It’s so easy and fast and I assure you if you can sew a straight line with a machine you can make a pillow. And if you can’t sew a straight line with a sewing machine then you probably just need a guideline added to show you where to line up your fabric ;)

Fridays Unfolded


I know it seems I say this every week but how do the days go by so fast? It seems I’m forever dashing breathlessly from one to the next, putting out the fires of each day that have to be addressed before the grow to such leaping proportions they devour me whole! Whew! I think I’m just getting old :D

Anyway. It’s time for Fridays Unfolded so here are some favs from last weeks party.

Best Biscuits Ever

best biscuits ever - made with lard

I’ve always had issues with making biscuits. They never turned out quite like I wanted them. Not fluffy enough. Not light and tall and delicious.

My hubby can make some pretty delicious biscuits but I never could get them right. I think his secret was the cold butter. He’d spend the time it took to cut that cold, hard butter into the dry ingredients and then take the even more time it took to gently mix the liquids in and not over mix.

I tend to excel more at things I can throw together quickly and don’t have to be extremely careful with. When it involves taking a lot of time, moving slowly, and being patient, I don’t do so well :D

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