Vintage Lamp Makeover

vintage lamp makeover - from ugly to fun and unique!

Today I have a fun project to share with you – it’s blog hop time again and this time we are sharing lamps. I’ve got a fun Vintage Lamp Makeover to share with you and then you can hop over and see the lamps my friends have to share.

IKEA Rast Hack

ikea rast hack after

I love IKEA, and I love IKEA hacks. I even have a pinterest board just for IKEA hacks. It’s just so cool what you can do with the plain wood pieces that IKEA sells at very affordable prices.

Now I know some people aren’t that impressed with IKEA and think their furniture is super ‘cheap’. Well, it IS cheap in price and it’s not built with the quality and durability of hardwood furniture made in a furniture shop. But it wasn’t intended to be the fine, high-end hardwood furniture from a furniture shop! It’s well-made, inexpensive furniture that comes in pieces that make it easy to buy and transport home.

Test Tubes and Bedspring Flower Vase

vase made with test tubes and an old bedspring

Good Morning and Happy Friday! I love weekends, don’t you? Somehow Friday morning just feels more relaxing to me even if I have a ton to do and a packed full weekend – it’s a mind thing I suppose but I’ll take it :)
Today I want to share my Test Tube and Bedspring Flower Vase with you. I’ve used old bedsprings before in decor as vases, using a clay pot to hold the plant and tucking it into the spring. This time I had some vintage test tubes on hand so when I saw this idea on pinterest I decided to make a few.

The Milk and Cream Co. Stencil

milk and cream stencil from Knick of Time

I love stencils. I use them almost daily in my business. I make a lot of my own stencils with my silhouette machine but I’m always up for a cool stencil I can purchase to add to my stash. So when my friend Angie from Knick of Time developed her own line of stencils I was thrilled for her (and for me cause I love cool stencils) – and then she offered me a free stencil to try out and share about with all of you!

Porch Remodel – Junk Visionaries Group Challenge

porch makeover/remodel

Today I get to share my Porch Remodel with you and introduce you to the Junk Visionaries! This group was started by my friend Lucy who blogs at Patina Paradise. It’s been fun working with her to pull this together.
Our first category is Outdoor Projects. Now this is supposed to be about taking something junky and repurposing it or making it into something cool. Hopefully mine isn’t too much of a cheat – a kitchen porch remodel isn’t exactly an old piece of junk, but let me tell you the before was pretty junky! It still could be considered a bit junky I suppose as it still needs paint and/or siding. But the sagging porch roof has been beefed up and replaced, the broken concrete has been removed to be replaced with treated wood and a really cool wrap around step.

Reclaimed Cypress from the 1800’s

reclaimed cypress from the 1800's preserved in the bayous of Mississippi

It’s project challenge time again and this one is a really fun one for me. They’ve all been fun but this one is a bit unique. Our category was ‘Reclaimed Wood’.

What’s so unique about that you say? Well, the wood I used is Reclaimed Cypress from the 1800’s! The actual age of the tree I don’t know, but this stuff comes out of the Mississippi Bayous and the logs have been underwater in the bayou since the 1800’s sometime. And the logs are HUGE. Hundreds of years old and preserved in the swamp for a couple hundred more!

True Woman

garden flowers 2014 (15 of 24)

Do you ever sit back and look at your life and wonder what it all means and what it is all about? Do you ever wonder if what you do each day is worth much and if you are making a difference in this world? Does it all seem overwhelming at times? Do you ever want to just throw in the towel and call it quits? The kids never listen, they act like brats, meals are always underwhelming, laundry is never done, floors are dirty, walls have fingermarks everywhere, and there just is no joy in living. Throw a home-based business into the mix and you have a complete recipe for disaster.

Vintage Truck Pillow + a Blog Hop

Vintage Truck Pillow with fabric flowers

I’ve been waiting awhile to show you this one – I had my designer create this truck design awhile ago and when he got it to me I was swamped with wholesale orders and didn’t get to creating with it for awhile. I’m excited that I took the time to make it happen and can share it with you now, when ‘a pillow’ is the category for our blog hop :)

Fridays Unfolded


Fridays Unfolded time! I’m prepping for an event next week and haven’t had one single spec of time for the blog. I’m sneaking in some time now, while paint on my projects dries, to bring you Fridays Unfolded. Check out some of my favs from last week and then link up what’s happening for you!

Fridays Unfolded Party


Fridays Unfolded Link Party time!

We skipped last week due to the Independence Day Holiday, here are the links I’ve picked from the last party!

Check them out, and then link up what has unfolded for you this week.