Stained Glass Masquerade

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Stained Glass Masquerade. We dress up. We smile. We say we are ‘fine’. We make small talk. We make no mention of the pain inside. No hint of the feelings for failure. We have the perfect life after all. We live in America. We have all the food and clothes we want at our fingertips. We live in nice homes that are heated and cooled to our liking. Why should we ever have a bad day or anything going wrong?

Living with White

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Living with white. White walls, white furniture, white pillows, white ottoman. Yes, I like white and I am so very happy I switched things up to all white. I’m still in the process on making my home even more white too.

I didn’t always have all white. My furniture was upholstered in a green and dark red floral. Which was a marvelous choice of upholstery with kids. Nothing showed on that stuff. No spots and stains like you get with a solid color upholstery.

So how did I arrive at my all white home? When I would look at magazines and at home decor on blogs I noticed that the ones that really stood out to me were the rooms that were all white. The color some homes feature is amazing and lovely and I really liked a lot of it. But then I would turn the page and there would be an all white room and I would sigh a long ‘aaaahhhhhh’. That was what really resonated with me and what I wanted to see when I relaxed in my own home. And so the journey began to all white.

Featured on Apartment Therapy

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Apartment Therapy. In the blog world it’s kind of a big deal to be featured there. I’ve seen my friends post about being featured there and how exciting it was. Cause Apartment Therapy is one of the big dogs in the blog world.

When I logged into my blog late last night to check things out and perhaps bring you a new post, I saw that my stats for Sunday and Monday were higher than normal considering I hadn’t posted a new post either day. So I checked out where those views were coming from and there it was – Apartment Therapy.

Piano Bench Makeover

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I want to share with you my piano bench makeover. We’ve had the piano for a couple years now but it didn’t come with a bench and we hadn’t found one. A few months ago my hubby and I found one at a thrift shop. We paid $25 for it – which might be a bit much from a thrift shop but since we really wanted one and hadn’t ever run across one we paid the money for it.

The Old Arcana

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The Old Arcana. It’s a restaurant in Arcanum, Ohio, and it adjoins the storefront I am now putting my vintage and handmade items in. I posted yesterday about my storefront – and totally forgot to add the location to that post! It’s Arcanum, Ohio peeps! Google will lead you right to it. Siri will not recognize the word Arcanum but your map on your phone will find it just fine if you type it in. Guess when Siri was recording they forgot to include some of the off-the-beaten-path towns :D


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“I need a storefront.”

“I really need a storefront.”

“Oh, how I wish I had a storefront.”

I informed. I declared. I sighed. I dreamed. I prayed.

And one day I received a text from a friend. Would I be at all interested in putting things in her storefront? Well hmmmmm, let’s see, how fast can I type ‘YES’??? And the best part? She didn’t even know I was pining away for a storefront :D A God-thing?!! We are going to give it a try and see where this journey takes us!

The Summer Market Vendors

anne marcy and me at the summer market

I’m finally getting back to the blog to share the pics I took of some of the other vendors at The Summer Market. I’ve been being lazy – I just cannot get my energy back and my creativity flowing much. Hopefully soon.
I’ve been having requests for a slipcover tutorial. And I’m happy to tell you that it is in the works. Hopefully very soon. I happen to have aquired a couple really nice, vintage wingbacks for our home and they need to be slipcovered. My plan is to do the best I can getting photos of the whole process with the first one and do a video tutorial with the second. I’ve never worked with videos much so this will be a trial and error thing I’m sure! I’ll get going on those as soon as I decide what fabric I am using for the covers.

Front Door Paint

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Curb appeal. We have been so busy over the years making our living space more comfortable and beautiful that we haven’t spent near the time I’d like to on curb appeal. You know – the OUTSIDE cute factor of the house. I do my best each spring to plant a few flowers and make things look pretty but what we really need is a new porch and new siding to give the curb appeal of this place a real punch.

The Summer Market


We made it! The Summer Market was great. The weather was wonderful – only a bit of rain after closing Friday night. And it started sprinkling just as we were done loading back up on Saturday night. The crowd on Friday night was crazy! Our booth was constantly packed full – and I sold out of my latitude/longitude pillows.
The vendors were great, as were our hosts. The whole experience was really really awesome. Praise God! I feel so blessed to be able to contribute a bit to my family’s income this way – I love using the talents God gave me to create things that will make someone happy every time they see them in their home.

The Summer Market is almost here!


The Summer Market is almost here! This coming Friday evening and Saturday. Avon Lake, Ohio – 4-9 on Friday and 9-5 on Saturday. This is their 9th year hosting this event. This is my first year going. And I’m going as a vendor. I am so excited. If you browse their facebook page you will see all the great vendors they are featuring who will be there. If you are within driving distance I really think this one would be worth your time :D If nothing else just come to say hi to me! Admission is FREE! Woo-Hoo!

God Bless Israel

As I have been spending all my waking hours preparing for my upcoming Market, I haven’t taken a lot of time to listen to the news. I see a bit of it here and there on fb when I take time to look at fb on my phone. I hear a bit from my husband when he comes home from work and shares what he has heard.

This weekend I slowed down my frantic pace a bit paid closer attention.

I watched this video shared by a friend.

Ironstone Milk Paint

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I love milk paint. I’ve loved the idea of milk paint for years. I mentioned that in this post when I was just starting to use Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. I also love white. And I love the look of the old Ironstone china. So naturally a white milk paint called ‘Ironstone’ should be my favorite, right? And it is becoming a favorite but I have to admit I have struggled with this color. Something about the pigments in this one have given me fits when mixing it up. It’s too thin, then it’s too thick. I can’t get it stirred up right. I tried warmer water cause that has helped me with other colors. I tried the blender instead of mixing by hand.

While I still think other colors mix up better for me and go on the furniture better, I just can’t give up on ‘Ironstone’. Having a bit more patience (not one of my strong points) and letting it sit longer after stirring for several minutes helps a lot. And the color is gorgeous on this table I used it on.

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