Memorial Day

folding chairs 9

Yesterday at church we heard about Memorials.  It was an awesome sermon and I wish I could share the entire message with you.  Alas, my brain doesn’t retain things verbatim.  So I just want to remind you that today, on a day set aside to remember those who have sacrificed their time and lives to our Nation,

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Fridays Unfolded


Fridays Unfolded. What has unfolded for you this week? I’ve been settling back in at home after a week at the beach. I must admit I was not ready to come home. I think I could very happily live on the beach forever. The sea air, the sunshine, the sand, the surf, I love it all. Even the rain one morning was better at the beach.

A sign above a door in the house we rented said ‘Life is good, but better at the beach.’ I agree. It just speaks peace to my soul and breaths new life into my spirit.

I promise I have a ton of vacation photos to share – as soon as I can find the time to get them edited and saved and uploaded to share.

For now, check out these favs of mine from our link party a couple weeks ago.

Bingo! New Designs – Pillows and Handbags

bingo stenciled pillow - feather filled form stencil from Funky Junk Interiors

Sew a Fine Seam has some new designs and I’m finally posting them here to show you! I’m really excited about them and I hope you love them too.

Have you ‘met’ Donna through her blog Funky Junk Interiors? She makes some amazing stuff with junk – or as some of us like to call it – ‘junque’. Donna also makes some really cool stencils, and sells them through her shop – Old Sign Stencils. And while her designs are geared towards old signs I adapted a few of them into pillow and handbag designs. My creations, using Funky Junk’s stencil designs are now for sale in my shop :)

And now, let me introduce you to my new pillows and handbags.

More than a Sitting Room


Hello Sew A Fine Seam friends! My name is Sharon, a.k.a. Mrs. Hines from the blog Mrs. Hines’ Class. Much like Jill, my blog is a place where I share my home and life.

What I love about Jill and her blog is that she shares from her heart,from a place of caring and giving. She is a nurturer.

So, I chose this post, “More Than a Sitting Room”, to share with you today because it reminds me of Jill’s heart for you.

As I work on transforming my breakfast room into a sitting room, I dream of more than just a sitting room.

I dream of a way of life.

Decorating with Books


Good Morning Peeps! I’m so happy to have Jennifer guest posting for me today! If you have ‘met’ Jennifer through her blog you know exactly how I feel – if you haven’t met her then you are gonna want to go on over and ‘meet’ her and browse her blog and get to know her!

Here’s Jennifer…

Happy Mother’s Day

milk paint on custom kitchen cabinets

I hope you all had a Happy Mother’s Day. I had a blog post all written – in my head. And then I was so busy I just never sat down and got it typed up. So it’s still in my head and maybe I’ll get it written yet and just save it for next year 😀

Fridays Unfolded Link Party

milk paint on custom kitchen cabinets

Fridays Unfolded Link Party has been absent for a bit – I had to let it go a couple weeks ago and last week it was cancelled due to the main host being sick. But it’s that time again and I’m excited to see what you link up!

Bicycle Upcycle Projects

impressive bicycle upcycle

Bicycle Upcycle Projects are a fun, quirky way to add some interest and texture to your home decor or garden. I bought several old bikes a couple years ago, much to my husbands dismay. Actually he couldn’t have been to distraught over it because he took me in the truck to get them, loaded them up and hauled them home for me 😀

Milk Paint and Grain Sack Makeover – Project Challenge 4

milk paint and grain sack chair makeover

Time for another Project Challenge – this time our category was ‘furniture’. What fun! You know I love a good furniture makeover – and I usually have plenty of that going on around here.

I’m sharing my Milk Paint and Grain Sack Makeover. I have had these 2 dining room chairs in my stash for awhile and I finally got them finished. I started painting them several weeks ago but they got pushed to the back burner when other, more important things demanded my attention.

Vintage Plaid Cold Packs

vintage plaid ice packs scottish plaid

We have so many convenient thing these days that are made of plastic, easy to store, easy to use, non-breakable, etc. And rather non-cute a lot of it.

Take the ice pack. Nothing cute about the ones we use – but why would they need to be? The get stored in the freezer where they are never seen and then used in lunch boxes and coolers where, again, they are never seen. (We also pack picnics of plastic bagged/wrapped sandwiches and chips instead of fried chicken on a china platter and creamy potato salad in Aunt Maud’s pottery bowl)

(Neither do we use Vintage Plaid Cold Packs that are really cute and cool and retro.)

Mad for Plaid – what is it?

what is it? plaid

Are you mad for plaid? I like vintage plaid so I think these are a very fun print.

As I’ve stated a few times recently, we have been going through my Grandma’s house and belongings. This fun find I brought home with me a few weeks ago. I love the plaid and the rusty patina of the metal.

Paint Couture! Glaze

wood airplane makeover with paint-3

Thanks so much to all of you who left comments on my Mom’s kitchen makeover! It was fun to read each one and I’ll be replying to each of you soon.

Today I want to share a bit more with you about the paint line I am carrying – Paint Couture! – yes that exclamation point is part of their name. I love that they used Couture as part of the name and it’s so fun that I get to carry and use this paint – it goes so well with Sew a Fine Seam. I have used the term couture for my sewing tutorials – couture snippets.