Giveaway Time Again!

ruffled scarf and lilla rose flexi giveaway

Giveaway time again!

My sister and I are teaming up to bring you another fun giveaway. I love giveaways – I’ve won some really great ones over the years and entered many more. Hosting giveaways is a lot of fun too – I really should do them more often.

Let’s give away a creamy white ruffled scarf along with a hummingbird flexi! The hummingbird was the March flexi-of-the-month from Lilla Rose. It’s not available in their regular line of hair accessories. It has such a unique, fun flair and makes me think springtime.

Succulents On My Window Sill

Succulents for the kitchen window sill-13

Thank you so much for all your kind words of encouragement and for caring! I’m feeling better as the week goes on and I’m getting some projects done too. Today I want to share the succulents on my window sill.

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Bad Days and Regrouping

Succulents for the kitchen window sill-18

I had a post all planned for you today – complete with lots of pretty photos.  I had them all edited and everything.  But as they were uploading to the blog last night,  I looked at the clock and realized it was almost midnight and I just didn’t have it in me to finish that post.

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A Bit of Gold Paint

vintage makeovers-6

Do you like the gold trend that is rapidly taking over the decor world?  I have to confess I kind of like it.  Kind of as in a LOT!  It is a trend – it will come and go – so I’m embracing it now while it’s in :D

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Decor steals Hack

decor steals hack-7

You’ve probably heard the term ‘IKEA Hack’ – when someone takes a product from IKEA and gives it a fun makeover.  I just did a bit of a ‘hack’ but it was with a purchase from Decor Steals instead of IKEA.

Would you like to see my Decor Steals Hack?

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Side Table Makeover Complete with a Union Jack

vintage makeover - side table with union jack

Last week was the week a friend and I hosted our yearly Spring Garage sale.  We have around 60 people each year who bring their kids clothes, baby items, and toys to one place and we have a huge sale.  A couple years ago we started putting household stuff in too.  This year a friend brought a bunch of her cool vintage stuff.  I nabbed some great stuff from her stash.  This side table was one of the things I brought home.

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Housewife to Entrepreneur

housewife to entrepreneur-1

What to blog about?  That’s what I sat thinking last night as I stared at my computer.  I have projects on the go but no pics to share.  I have so many things I have done recently but no pics of them.  I’d say I’m being a very bad blogger right now.  Hard to wear all the hats all the time and make them all look good :D

So I clicked over to my list of ‘drafts’ to see what might be lurking in the wings of this blog.  And I found this post.  I had started writing it a few weeks ago, then got sidetracked and never finished it.  So I dusted it off, added a few more paragraphs, tossed in some pretty photos for fun and called it good.

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Stenciling Words on a Wall

stenciling words on a wall-10

Last weekend I went to my Mom’s to finally get a project done for her that she’d been wanting done for awhile.  I’m a terrible procrastinator I’m afraid, and my Mom has to wait on me to get around to her projects.

In the entryway of my parents home there is a long wall right beside the front door.  Mom wanted a verse or saying stenciled on the wall.  She decided on the last line of a song ‘Our Prayer will always be may you go with God’  I cut the words out using my silhouette machine.

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Brownie – in – a – Mug

brownies in a mug4

Originally posted in September of 2012

Last night my hubby and teenager each made a brownie-in-a-mug.  I found this recipe over a year ago from my friend Jen, at The Cottage Nest

We’ve made these occasionally over the past year and half but it had been awhile since I’d made one, so when Travis asked how many TBS of flour and sugar I had to pull look it up.  And I decided to repost and share it with all of you again.  If you love brownies you will love this recipe!

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Easter Pennant Banner – tutorial included

abc-9 copy

Last week I made some Easter Pennant Banners to send to Feather Your Nest in Pickerington.  And as I was creating them I snapped a few pics of the process so I could share how to make these.  I find pennant banners one of the easiest sewing projects and making them for Easter was a fun project.

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Products I Love

must love junk

Today I want to share some products I love with you. Some things I use in my business, some things I’d like to have. Some are from friends I’ve made through blogging or Instagram. I’ve not been compensated in any way to feature these products or to promote these businesses. I simply love their products and want to share them with you!

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New Fabric and Milk Paint for My Stash

fabric finds-4

A couple weeks ago I made a trip to IKEA and then headed to Columbus to drop off stuff at Feather Your Nest in Pickerington. I picked up some fun things both places. Fabric and Milk Paint to add to my stash :D

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